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LCP Bridge Street Site 2008-2013 Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report

The Linden Chemicals and Plastics (LCP) Bridge Street Superfund Subsite of the Onondaga Lake site is located in the Village of Solvay, Town of Geddes, Onondaga County, New York. Operation, maintenance, and monitoring (OM&M) activities began at the site in 2008 following completion of the remedial action in 2007. The remedial action had two goals: to reduce the levels of mercury at the site and to restore the LCP wetlands.

One of the primary goals of the OM&M program is to document the success of the remedy and habitat restoration by routinely analyzing sediment, surface water, and biota samples, and collecting annual data on wetland vegetation establishment. Overall, restoration of the LCP wetlands has been tremendously successful. Areas that were previously dominated by a monoculture of the invasive common reed with little habitat value are now diverse wetlands that support a mix of plant and animal species (including a nesting population of the State-listed, pied-billed grebe) and contain a wide variety of aquatic habitat. The improvement in habitat value of these areas is significant, and wildlife usage of the restored areas is extensive. For example, the number of native plant species recorded each year increased steadily from 77 species the first year after restoration (2008) to 155 species in 2012.

The results of the first six years of monitoring indicate that the LCP remedy has significantly reduced the pre-remediation levels of mercury in surface water, sediment, and biota, and therefore a reduction in the long-term wetland maintenance and monitoring activities is warranted. Monitoring of mercury in sediment will continue annually in Wetland A and the West Flume at the same locations as in the past. Annual sampling of sediment and surface water mercury concentrations should be initiated in 2014 at three locations in Wetland C (former Dredge Spoils Area). Restoration monitoring should continue at locations monitored in 2013 in portions of Wetland A where additional removals occurred and in Wetland C.

2008-2013 Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report

2008-2013 LCP Bridge Street Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report (part 1) (PDF) (70 pages, 4.4 mB)

2008-2013 LCP Bridge Street Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report (part 2) (PDF) (39 pages, 5.0 mB)

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