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600 River Road Apartments

Site Number C932161

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Below is an abbreviated version of work plans in PDF form for download. To view the complete document, please contact DEC or visit the document repositories listed under Where to Find Information.


Location: The site is located in an urban area at 600 River Road in the city of North Tonawanda. The Niagara River runs along the western edge of the site and River Road along the eastern side. It is bordered by a health care facility to the north and a commercial boating sales and service facility and marina to the south.

Site Features: The main feature of the site is a 2,940 square foot metal warehouse building that is contained within a perimeter fence around the western portion of the property. The property is generally flat with several grass-covered piles of apparent soil/fill present on the eastern portion of the Site. Miscellaneous piles of debris are located throughout the property.

Current Zoning/Use(s): The property is located in the Water District zone. The site is within a designated Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) study area and the City of North Tonawanda Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) area.

Historical Use(s): The site was a portion of a greater parcel utilized by Niagara Iron Works/Tonawanda Iron Works from at least 1886 through at least 1972. Historic usage included several railroad tracks throughout the property and a pig-iron casting operation. The site was then vacant until 1988 when AJ Marine Construction, a commercial retailer, began operations and continued until 2008. Since 2008 the metal building on the site has been used as a warehouse.

Site Geology and Hydrogeology: The surficial geology is fill material overlaying sand and silty clay. The fill varies across the site and consists of brown to reddish brown poorly graded sand and gravel which includes cinders, orange brick fragments, concrete, and coal with noted iron staining at depths ranging from surface to 12 feet below ground surface (fbgs). At some locations, white/grey fill material which includes slag and weathered gravel extends to a depth of 12 fbgs. Clay with sand exists at depths from 10 to 12 fbgs. Groundwater is at approximately 7 - 9 fbgs and would appear to flow west towards the Niagara River.

Additional site details, including environmental and health assessment summaries, are available on DEC's website.

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Brownfield Cleanup Program

New York's Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) encourages the voluntary cleanup of contaminated properties known as "brownfields" so that they can be reused and redeveloped. These uses include recreation, housing, business or other uses. A brownfield is any real property that is difficult to reuse or redevelop because of the presence or potential presence of contamination.

Where to Find Information

Project documents are available at the following location to help the public stay informed.

North Tonawanda Public Library
Attn: Margaret Waite
505 Meadow Drive
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Whom to Contact

Comments and questions are always welcome and should be directed as follows:

Site-Related Health Questions
Nathan M. Walz
Empire State Plaza, Corning Tower, Room 1787
Albany, NY 12237

Project Related Questions
Timothy Dieffenbach
Division of Environmental Remediation
270 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14203-2915

Site Location

Aerial view of 600 River Road Apartments brownfield site
Aerial view of 600 River Road Apartments brownfield site

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