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Food and Food Scraps from Businesses and Institutions

Managing excess edible food and food scraps most efficiently starts with reduction of wasted food followed by feeding hungry people, feeding animals, organics recycling including composting, anaerobic digestion or other technologies, and finally disposal. This closely follows USEPA's Food Recovery Hierarchy.

Food Recovery Hierarchy, upside down pyramid. First Source Reduction then Feed Hungry People, the Feed Animals, then Industrial Uses, then Composting, then Incineratin or Landfill

Through Executive Order No. 4 (leaving DEC's website), New York State agencies are encouraged to design and implement strategies to make their operations more sustainable. Agencies report annually on their progress. Implementing initiatives at the top of the food recovery hierarchy are in agreement with the intent of this executive order.

Before deciding on management strategies, it is helpful to conduct a food waste assessment to understand the amount of materials generated and where they occur in the business process.

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