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Addendum to 2013 Monitoring Network Plan

Near Roadway NO2 Monitoring

The EPA promulgated a new 1-Hr NAAQS for NO2 in February, 2010. The regulation retained the existing annual standard and added a requirement to perform NO2 monitoring at one location along the busiest roadway in each Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) with a population greater than 500,000. An additional monitor was required in CBSAs larger than 2.5 Million or if the city contained a road segment with annual average daily traffic (AADT) counts exceeding 250,000 vehicles. The implementation of the new monitoring program required that the new monitors begin collecting data by 1/1/13. On March 7, 2013, EPA issued a final rule to revise the deadlines by which the near-road monitors within the NO2 monitoring network are to be operational. States and local agencies will begin operating the near-road component of the NO2 network in phases between January 1, 2014 and January 1, 2017.

Network Design and Site Selection

The primary objective of the near-road NO2 network is to monitor where peak, ambient NO2 concentrations are expected to occur as a result of on-road mobile source emissions. In the past, these locations would be considered to be micro-scale locations. The EPA has since stated that the area alongside a major road is similar to the areas alongside the entire road segment and this area should be considered to be middle-scale because one location is representative of a larger "line source" shaped area.

Photo of near roadway NO2 monitoring site in Buffalo

The sites will also represent the worst case for population exposure for each CBSA since the sites are at locations where NO2 concentrations are expected to be high for one or more hours at a time. The sites are selected based on characteristics including: AADT, distance from obstructions, topography, predominant wind direction, accessibility, roadway design, congestion, fleet mix, population exposure and personnel safety.

The establishment of a near-road site in Buffalo along I90 between Exits 51 and 52 was proposed and approved by EPA Region 2. With assistance provided by the NYS Thruway Authority, a monitoring trailer was put in place last December. Currently work is under way to complete equipment installation, and NO2 data collection is expected by the second quarter of 2014. The specifics of the Buffalo near-road site are provided below.

Siting Criteria Buffalo NO2 Site
Horizontal spacing Install Target 20m from Traffic Lane
Vertical spacing Terrain flat, inlets at approx 4 m
Spacing from supporting structures NA: shelter in open area
Spacing from obstructions 30m to 1 story residence downwind side
Site/Segment Parameters Buffalo NO2 site
Location I90 Mile Post 424.6 East Bound Side
Road segment name I90 between Exit 51 and Exit 52
Road type (controlled access highway, limited access freeway, arterial, etc) Controlled Access Highway
Road segment end points (latitude & longitude) 42.928689 -78.766331
42.913499 -78.766494
AADT 131,019 (http://gis.dot.ny.gov/tdv/)
FE-AADT (optional)
HD vehicle counts (optional) Ave 4% (7% in Winter, 2% in Summer)
Congestion information (optional)
Roadway design (flat, elevated-fill, cut) Flat
Terrain (around road) Flat
Meteorology Downwind (East) Side of Roadway
Population exposure Yes, neighborhood location
Roadside structures Overhead sign and camera
Safety features Box beam Guardrail
Infrastructure (light poles, billboards) Overhead Electronic Sign & Camera Pole
Interchanges (within or at end points including traffic counts) Exit 51 AADT exit segment: 8,928
Exit 52 AADT enter segment: 9,341
Surrounding land use (residential, commercial) Residential
Nearby sources I90 and residential space heating
Current road construction NA
Future road construction No current plans
Property type Highway shoulder
Property owner NYS Thruway Authority
Likelihood of access Full Access: no construction on holidays
Other details I90 in this segment runs N/S and monitor will
be installed on the east shoulder (downwind)