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Onondaga Lake Baseline Monitoing Report 2011

This report includes results from the 2011 Onondaga Lake baseline monitoring efforts which was the final year of the baseline monitoring program that began in 2008. The objectives of baseline monitoring were to document conditions in Onondaga lake prior to initiating capping and dredging and to provide data for future evaluation of the effectiveness of the lake bottom remedy.

Baseline monitoring in 2011 consisted of three distinct types of efforts (called books), each of which was approved by the NYSDEC prior to monitoring:

  • Book 1 work included collection and mercury analysis of deep basin water and zooplankton samples from two locations in Onondaga Lake at South Deep and North Deep. The deep basin water samples were also analyzed for other parameters including nitrate, and nitrite and ammonia in conjunction with the first year of the nitrate addition pilot test. Sediment trap samples were collected at South Deep and analyzed for mercury and solids content.
  • Book 2 work included collection and chemical analysis of 100 adult sport fish and 40 composited samples of prey fish, fish community assessments, fish population surveys, an evaluation of fish diet, an evaluation of walleye and smallmouth bass movements, and an evaluation of the phytophilous macroinvertebrate community in Onondaga Lake.
  • Book 3 work included collection and mercury analysis of surface water samples from the two lake tributaries that provide the largest tributary inflows to Onondaga Lake-Onondaga Creek and Ninemile Creek. The Book 3 effort included baseline surface water samples and surface water samples collected during two runoff events.

Onondaga Lake Baseline Monitoring Report 2011

Onondaga Lake Baseline Monitoring Report 2011, Part I (PDF) (183 pages, 2.5 mB)

Onondaga Lake Baseline Monitoring Report 2011, Part 2 (PDF) (130 pages, 3.7 mB)

Onondaga Lake Baseline Monitoring Report 2011, Part 3 (PDF) (25 pages, 1.7 mB)

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