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New York Environmental Leaders (NYEL) program provides recognition and incentives to businesses and organizations that are committed to sustainable practices and conserving New York's environment and natural resources. To become a member, businesses and organizations must demonstrate that they have a good record of compliance with environmental laws and regulations, a system in place for managing their environmental impacts, commit to future environmental performance improvements, and have a public outreach plan in place. Members are located throughout the state and you can see a description of each one, along with their commitments, on our Members Page.

Through NYEL, members are undertaking numerous innovative projects that reduce their environmental footprint and demonstrate that strong environmental stewardship and increasing the bottom line go hand in hand. Examples of projects carried out under NYEL include:

  • Delaware North is saving 7,500 gallons of diesel fuel by switching from a national brand of hot dogs to a local one.
  • Anheuser-Busch will be saving 190,600 lbs. of aluminum per year by introducing a new lighter weight can for their products.
  • IBM's Thomas J Watson Research Center will be eliminating 4,200 lbs. of Styrofoam waste by banning it from their dining facilities.
  • Locust Hill Country Club will be training the next generation of sustainable golf course superintendent's through their successful internship program.
  • Xerox - Webster Campus will save 8.53 million gallons of water per year by minimizing once through cooling and installing flow meters throughout their facility to detect and repair leaks faster.

If you are interested in becoming a member of NYEL, visit our Becoming a NYEL Member page.

What's New?

June 2017 - A new Commissioner's Policy that makes revisions to the NYEL program has been finalized.

July 2016 - We're proud to announce that Covanta Onondaga and Rockland County Club have renewed their membership in the Leadership Tier! Learn about their commitments on our Membership Page.

July 2015 - We're proud to announce that Xerox - Webster Campus has renewed their membership in the Leadership Tier and that Global Foundries Fab 8 has moved from the Entry Tier to the Leadership Tier! Learn more about their commitments on our Members Page.

April 2015 - We've recently accepted our newest members to NYEL. Learn more about them and the projects they are undertaking to green their operations on our Members Page.

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