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2012 Enhanced I/M Program Annual Report

Executive Summary

Complete downloadable report PDF (661 kb, 90 pgs)

The New York State Departments of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Motor Vehicles (DMV) jointly administer New York State's motor vehicle Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) programs. This report reflects the Departments' coordinated efforts to fulfill federal I/M reporting requirements under 40 CFR Section 51.366 for Calendar Year 2012.

New York State commenced mandatory motor vehicle emissions inspection within the downstate New York Metropolitan Area (NYMA) in 1981. The 9-county NYMA includes New York City (Bronx, Kings, New York, Richmond, and Queens Counties), Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties), Rockland County, and Westchester County. In 1998, in response to revisions to the federal I/M regulations, New York replaced the existing "idle test" program in NYMA with the New York Transient Emission Short Test ("NYTEST") program. The NYTEST I/M program, which included tailpipe emissions and gas cap pressure testing, ended on December 31, 2010. The Calendar Year 2012 Annual Report does not include any reporting related to the former NYTEST program.

New York State commenced mandatory onboard diagnostic (OBDII) inspections through the New York Vehicle Inspection Program ("NYVIP") beginning in 2004. Since May 2005, NYVIP has required statewide (62 counties) inspections at more than 9,000 licensed inspection stations. OBDII inspections are required for most model year 1996 and newer non-diesel light duty vehicles (LDVs) and light duty trucks (LDTs). Since July 2012, NYVIP has also required OBDII inspections for applicable diesel-powered LDVs and LDTs beginning with the 1997 model year.

During Calendar Year 2012, more than 4.96 million motor vehicles were registered within NYMA . 3,685,571 NYMA vehicles (or 74.16% of the total registered) received a NYVIP emissions inspection. The majority of the emissions-tested vehicles (3,357,703 or 91.10%) received OBDII inspections.

During Calendar Year 2012, more than 5.21 million motor vehicles were registered in the 53-County "Upstate" I/M area1. 3,993,321 Upstate vehicles (or 76.63% of the total registered) received a NYVIP emissions inspection. The majority of the emissions-tested vehicles (3,639,721 or 91.15%) received OBDII inspections.

Pursuant to a Consent Order filed on September 6, 1977, all yellow medallion taxi cabs under the jurisdiction of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (T&LC) are required to receive three emissions inspections per year. Beginning in December 2003, the T&LC commenced mandatory OBDII inspections at their centralized test-only Woodside (Queens) facility for their applicable taxi fleet. Beginning in 2010, additional "For-Hire" vehicles became subject to mandatory OBDII inspections at the Woodside facility. During Calendar Year 2012, T&LC completed 89,573 OBDII inspections (initial and re-inspections) for 38,600 distinct vehicles (27,594 LDVs and 11,006 LDTs).

New York State commenced mandatory, statewide OBDII inspections for light-duty diesel-powered vehicles (MY 1997 and newer) on July 1, 2012. See Appendix C for reporting specific to light duty diesel OBD inspections.


1 The DMV registration database was screened to remove registration types (i.e., trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, locomotives, etc.) not applicable to emissions inspection requirements. Additional discussion can be found within Sections 1.A and 1.B, and Appendices A and E.

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