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Final 2000 PRL Report - Figure 5

Relative Use (in Pounds) of the Reported Top Ten Pesticide Products Applied by Certified Commercial Applicators - 2000*

Product Usage
EPA Registration Number Product Name Weight Quantity (pounds) Percentage of All Products
10404-82 ** Lesco Pre-M Plus Fertilizer Insecticide/Miticide 1,739,228.69 9.75%
3125-474-10404** Merit 0.2 Plus Turf Fertilizer Insecticide/Miticide 800,917.89 4.49%
1744-20001 Sunny Sol 150 Disinfectant 681,230.00 3.82%
59074-20001 Hypochlor Disinfectant 492,281.00 2.76%
62190-9 Dricon Fire Retardant Fungicide 484,000.00 2.71%
62190-14 Wolmanac Concentrate 60% Insecticide/Miticide 441,600.00 2.47%
538-214-10404** Proturf Fertilizer Plus Weed Control Herbicide 394,499.17 2.21%
3125-474-9198** Merit 0.2 Plus Turf Fertilizer Insecticide/Miticide 394,272.94 2.21%
538-213 ** Proturf Fertilizer Plus Pre-emergent Weed Control Herbicide 333,306.54 1.87%
10404-29** Lesco Dursban 0.74% Plus Fertilizer Insecticide/Miticide 277,694.83 1.56%
Top 10 Products - Total Quantity (Pounds) Used: 6,039,031.06 Pounds
All Products - Total Quantity (Pounds) Used: 17,844,438.00 Pounds
Top 10 Products as a Percentage of Total Quantity (Pounds) Used: 33.84%

* Excluding Illegible, Invalid, Irregular, and Unreported Categories (See Page 21 for Definitions)

** These products consist of small amounts of pesticides combined with large amounts of fertilizer. The weight reported here is the weight of all ingredients, not just pesticides.

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