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2016 New York Recycles Calendar

Irene Park Calendar Contest
Irene Park - 2016 New York Recycles Calendar

The 2016 Calendar (PDF) - 4.5 mB: This is a large file which may take a while to download. Smaller files by month are listed below.

January 2016
Drawing by Lily Witkoski
Our Lady of Mercy, Rochester, NY
January 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 348 kB

February 2016
Drawing by Natalie Huang
Sacred Heart School, Bayside, NY
February 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 332 kB

March 2016
Drawing by Maya Sukhai
Dutch Lane School, Hicksville, NY
March 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 318 kB

April 2016
Drawing by Dennise Huaman
Hicksville Middle School, Hicksville, NY
April 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 327 kB

May 2016
Drawing by Irene Park
Great Neck South High School, Great Neck, NY
May 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 312 kB

June 2016
Drawing by Tyler Tricarico
Public School 8R, Staten Island, NY
June 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 304 kB

July 2016
Drawing by Joo Eun Kang
William A. Shine High School, Great Neck, NY
July 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 330 kB

August 2016
Drawing by Mary Kate Sullenberger
Southgate Elementary, Loudonville, NY
August 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 207 kB

September 2016
Drawing by Kathleen Wetterer
Burns Avenue School, Hicksville, NY
September 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 282 kB

October 2016
Drawing by Emma Arnold
Our Lady of Mercy, Rochester, NY
October 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 508 kB

November 2016
Drawing by Eva Hymes
Southgate Elementary, Loudonville, NY
November 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 322 kB

December 2016
Drawing by Andrea Rosanell Cadornigara
Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, Jamaica, NY
December 2016 Calendar page (PDF) - 487 kB

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