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2018 New York Recycles Calendar

The 2018 Calendar (PDF) - 6.1 mB: This is a large file which may take a while to download. Smaller"Let's Pick It Up NY" NY Recycles drawing by Gloria Hsia files by month are listed below.

January 2018
Drawing by Nicole Bernstein
HAFTR High School, Cedarhurst, NY
January 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 443 kB

February 2018
Drawing by Yael Miller
HAFTR High School, Cedarhurst, NY
February 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 478 kB

March 2018
Drawing by Sydney Laniak
Our Lady of Mercy, Rochester, NY
March 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 633 kB

April 2018
Drawing by Sydney Scozzari
Hicksville Middle School, Hicksville, NY
April 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 572 kB

May 2018
Drawing by Madison Zhao
Hutchinson School, Pelham, NY
May 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 483 kB

June 2018
Drawing by Shira Greenblatt
HAFTR High School, Cedarhurst, NY
June 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 516 kB

July 2018
Drawing by Danielle Beechey
Our Lady of Mercy School, Rochester, NY
July 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 454 kB

August 2018
Drawing by Zachary Burns
West Middle Island Elementary, Middle Island, NY
August 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 460 kB

September 2018
Drawing by Aliza Reiss
North Shore Hebrew Academy, NY
September 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 434 kB

October 2018
Drawing by Anna Raymond
Seaman Neck Middle School, Seaford, NY
October 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 456 kB

November 2018
Drawing by Sara Ashraf
Hicksville Middle School, Hicksville, NY
November 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 507 kB

December 2018
Drawing by Clara Lam
Stuyvesant High School, New York, NY
December 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 566 kB

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