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2018 New York Recycles Calendar

The 2018 Calendar (PDF) - 6.1 mB: This is a large file which may take a while to download. Smaller files by month are listed below.

January 2018
Drawing by Nicole Bernstein
HAFTR High School, Cedarhurst, NY
January 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 443 kB

February 2018
Drawing by Yael Miller
HAFTR High School, Cedarhurst, NY
February 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 478 kB

March 2018
Drawing by Sydney Laniak
Our Lady of Mercy, Rochester, NY
March 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 633 kB

April 2018
Drawing by Sydney Scozzari
Hicksville Middle School, Hicksville, NY
April 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 572 kB

May 2018
Drawing by Madison Zhao
Hutchinson School, Pelham, NY
May 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 483 kB

June 2018
Drawing by Shira Greenblatt
HAFTR High School, Cedarhurst, NY
June 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 516 kB

July 2018
Drawing by Danielle Beechey
Our Lady of Mercy School, Rochester, NY
July 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 454 kB

August 2018
Drawing by Zachary Burns
West Middle Island Elementary, Middle Island, NY
August 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 460 kB

September 2018
Drawing by Aliza Reiss
North Shore Hebrew Academy, NY
September 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 434 kB

October 2018
Drawing by Anna Raymond
Seaman Neck Middle School, Seaford, NY
October 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 456 kB

November 2018
Drawing by Sara Ashraf
Hicksville Middle School, Hicksville, NY
November 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 507 kB

December 2018
Drawing by Clara Lam
Stuyvesant High School, New York, NY
December 2018 Calendar page (PDF) - 566 kB

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