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Waste Tire Stockpile Abatement Plan

New York State
Waste Tire Stockpile Abatement Plantire abatement plan report cover

Executive Summary
Text of the Waste Tire Plan (pdf 749k)
Appendix A - Site Assessment Summary Sheets

Appendix A
Site Assessment Summary Sheets

DEC Region 1

1-01 New York Tire/Izzo Property (pdf 532k)

DEC Region 2

2-01 Rubber2Gold, Inc (Formerly Coletta Recycling)(pdf 48k)

DEC Region 3

3-01 Brim Auto Recyclers (pdf 249k)
3-02 Brown's Auto Salvage (pdf 39k)
3-03 East Park Auto (pdf 497k)
3-04 Mahopac Auto Wreckers (pdf 349k)
3-05 Sunshine Mountain (pdf 253k)
3-06 Tire Recycling, Inc. (pdf 48k)
3-07 Bryson's 24 Hour Towing (pdf 77k)
3-08 Mor Ton Recycling (pdf 57k)
3-09 Baum's Towing (pdf 237k)

DEC Region 4

Stockpile of Tires at Tire

4-01 Napier Site (pdf 532k)
4-02 Stan's Auto (pdf 48k)
4-03 Cycletech, Inc (pdf 113k)
4-04 Klinger Property (pdf 91k)
4-05 Almag Construction (pdf 97k)
4-06 Chris Sanders Property(pdf 103k)
4-07 Gerald J. Eagle Property (pdf 85k)
4-08 Jim Cooper Auto Parts (pdf 95k)
4-09 A & A Recycling (pdf 46k)

DEC Region 5

5-01 Mohawk Tire Recycling (pdf 80k)
5-02 J&R Auto Salvage (pdf 224k)
5-03 Miller's Junkyard (pdf 593k)
5-04 Earth Waste Systems (pdf 90k)
5-05 Tire Traders (pdf 119k)
5-06 Northern Scrap Metal (pdf 40k)
5-07 Shanahan Scrap (pdf 98k)
5-08 Fletcher's Dump (pdf 109k)
5-09 Lester's Auto (pdf 85k)
5-10 Ernie Fancher Property (pdf 108k)
5-11 Welke Salvage (pdf 114k)
5-12 Canfield's Auto Parts (pdf 100k)
5-13 Clarkie's Auto Parts (pdf 127k)
5-14 Hidden Valley Auto Parts (pdf 129k)
5-15 U Save Tire Corp. (pdf 137k)
5-16 Jenkins Auto Parts (pdf 83k)
5-17 John Post Property (pdf 125k)
5-18 Johnson's Auto Crushers (pdf 34k)
5-19 Van Patten Property (pdf 81k)
5-20 Ray's Salvage (pdf 96k)
5-21 West Side Auto Supply (pdf 67k)
5-22 Dieckel Dump (pdf 51k)
5-23 East Side Auto Body (pdf 87k)
5-24 John Delaney Property (pdf 70k)

DEC Region 6

photo of firefighters at the Mohawk tire site6-01 Crew's Auto Recycling (pdf 61k)
6-02 Hart's Parts (pdf 87k)
6-03 Valley Recycling, Inc. (pdf 100k)
6-04 Finger Lakes Iron & Metal (pdf 75k)
6-05 Zahn's Junkyard (pdf 86k)
6-06 Harris Junkyard (pdf 82k)
6-07 A-1 Auto Parts (pdf 117k)
6-08 Doc's Trucking/Auto Parts (pdf 120k)
6-09 Clark Property (pdf 109k)
6-10 Lyndacker Property (pdf 113k)
6-11 Rice Property (pdf 257k)
6-12 White's Lisbon Site (pdf 51k)
6-13 Hoke Site (pdf 97k)

DEC Region 7

7-01 Fortino Site (pdf 465k)
7-02 Hutchings Automotive (pdf 44k)
7-03 Kubis Auto Parts (pdf 94k)
7-04 Title Town Tires (pdf 42k)
7-05 Lot 65 Newport Rd. (pdf 45k)
7-06 Pieropan Junkyard (pdf 516k)
7-07 HO Tires Extension (pdf 114k)
7-08 Matthew Furman Property (pdf 42k)
7-09 Peter Winkleman Property (pdf 101k)
7-10 Carl Bice Junkyard (pdf 126k)

DEC Region 8

picture of a tire stockpile at the Fortino site8-01 Wells Site (pdf 40k)
8-02 Charles Martin Property (pdf 47k)
8-03 Tire Solutions, Inc. (pdf 46k)
8-04 William Port & Sons (pdf 542k)
8-05 Andy's Auto Parts (pdf 74k)
8-06 Budget Auto Parts (pdf 94k)
8-07 Gruttadoro Site (pdf 539k)
8-08 Juliano's Auto Parts (pdf 109k)

8-09 Nixon's Truck Parts, Inc. (pdf 267k)
8-10 Whipple-Dancosh Prop. (pdf 51k)
8-11 Jeffrey Brongo Property (pdf 112k)
8-12 Troups Creek Scrapyard (pdf 530k)

DEC Region 9

9-01 Hornburg Tire (pdf 572k)
9-02 Clarence Auto Parts (pdf 45k)
9-03 Ben Maglio Property (pdf 49k)
9-04 David Christian Tire Pile (pdf 525k)
9-05 Don Case Auto Parts (pdf 47k)
9-06 Southern Tier Tire (pdf 53k)
9-07 Thornton Property (pdf 48k)
9-08 Kimberly Torrey Property (pdf 537k)
9-09 Harris Auto Wrecking (pdf 536k)
9-10 INS Scrap Processors (pdf 480k)
9-11 Kusior Auto Parts (pdf 56k)
9-12 Rte. 20 Auto Parts (pdf 265k)
9-13 Twin Village Salvage (pdf 439k)
9-14 Myles Junkyard (pdf 491k)
9-15 Rubberworks, Inc. (pdf 51k)
9-16 Junction Road Recycling (pdf 61k)

Appendix B
Prioritization Maps

Tire Stockpiles Over Primary Aquifers (pdf 188k)
Tire Stockpiles Within 250 meters of a Class "C" or Higher Stream (pdf 272k)
Waste Tires Stockpiles Within 250 meters of Regulated Wetlands (pdf 276k)
Tire Stockpiles Located in Potential NYS Environmental Justice Areas (pdf 205k)
Waste Tire Stockpiles Within 1 km of One or More Schools (pdf 207k)
Schools within 1 km of a Waste Tire Stockpile (pdf 216k)
Waste Tire Stockpiles Within 1 km of a Hospital (pdf 162k)
Waste Tire Stockpiles Within 1 km of Population Centers (pdf 222k)

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