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Instructions for Completing the ACE Reporting Application

The application (PDF) (30 KB) is in two parts: "Compliance Certification" and "Emission Inventory Statement." You may apply for either or both, according to your facility's needs. We recommend you read the detailed information about the E-Reporting option on our web site.

Please complete the form according to the instructions below. Call our office at (518) 402-8507 if you have any questions about this application form.

Facility Details

This part must be filled in completely, beginning with the DEC-assigned facility ID.

  • DECID - each facility will have an ID.
  • Facility Name - associated with the specific DECID.
  • Facility Location - geographic address of the Facility associated with the DECID.

Facility Responsible Official (RO)

  • Only one RO is required, however, a facility may designate more than one. An RO is defined by paragraph 6 NYCRR 201-2(b)(28) as "A president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, general partner, proprietor, principal executive officer, ranking elected official, or any other person who performs policy or decision making functions and is authorized to legally bind a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or government entity which operates a facility that is subject to the provisions of this Part."
  • For each type of reporting (Compliance Certification and Emission Inventory), each RO must provide a notarized signature page. For example, if a facility designates two ROs for Certification and Emission, there must be a total of four signature pages.
  • Provide all of the address and contact information requested for the Responsible Official where he or she is headquartered.

Editor and Reviewer: Certification (Compliance), and Emission Statement

  • Applicants for these roles do not require notarized signatures.
  • Provide all of the address and contact information requested where he or she is headquartered.

Sending the Application to NYSDEC

Under facility or facility-owner company letterhead, signed by a company or facility representative, please explain why the application is being sent, such as adding, replacing or changing roles of applicants. It is especially important that departing employees be reported so their access to DEC systems can be removed. The signed letter and completed application should be sent to:

Division of Air Resources
Bureau of Quality Assurance
ACE E-Reporting
625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233-3258

We are available during our normal business hours of 8:30 am through 4:00 pm (ET) to answer questions or assist in any way to be sure your application is completed and quickly processed.

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