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LCP-OU1 2011 Annual Operation, Maintenance and Monitoirng Report

This report details the operation, maintenance and monitoring (OM&M) activities conducted in 2011 at the Linden Chemicals and Plastics (LCP) Bridge Street (OU-1) site in Solvay, New York. The remediation of LCP involved a combination of sewer system closure, mercury removal from soil on the former plant property, excavation of impacted sediments in surrounding areas with relocation to the soil/sediment containment area, construction of an underground cutoff wall and low-permeability soil cover over the soil/sediment containment area, and installation of an onsite groundwater collection system. As part of the project, excavation areas were restored to provide habitats for wading birds, ducks, amphibians, fish, and mammals. Operation and Maintenance operations consist of site and equipment maintenance in addition to monitoring of groundwater, sediment, surface water, wetlands and biota.

LCP OU-1 2011 Annual Operation Maintenance and Monitoring Report

LCP OU-1 2011 Annual Report, Part I (PDF) (75 pages, 4.4 mB)

LCP OU-1 2011 Annual Report, Part 2 (PDF) (33 pages, 4.1 mB)

LCP OU-1 2011 Annual Report, Part 3 (PDF) (36 pages, 3.8 mB)

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