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Forms for Dry Cleaners Using Perchloroethylene and/or Approved Alternative Solvents

Owners/managers and/or operators of perc and/or alternative solvent dry cleaning equipment must complete the applicable recordkeeping forms and checklists listed below, as required by Part 232. Copies of all forms can downloaded from the links below, obtained at the NYSDEC offices, or by mail upon request.

Dry Cleaner Facility Registration

Air Facility Registration Application for Dry Cleaners Using Perc and/or Approved Alternative Solvents - Form AFR-232 (PDF, rev 5/7/18, 70 KB)

Air Facility Registration Application Instructions for Dry Cleaners Using Perc and/or Approved Alternative Solvents - Form AFR-232I (PDF, rev 8/22/18, 33 KB)

Operation and Maintenance Forms

Perc Dry Cleaning Equipment Checklists - Forms 232-2P, 232-3P, 232-4P, 232-5P, 232-6P, 232-7P, 232-8P (PDF, rev 3/27/18, 233 KB)

Alternative Solvent Dry Cleaning Equipment Checklists - Forms 232-2A, 232-3A, 232-7A, 232-8A (PDF, rev 3/27/18, 120 KB)

Facility-wide Logs for Perc and/or Alternative Solvent Dry Cleaning Facilities - Forms 232-9P&A, 232-10P&A, 232-11P, 232-12A (PDF, rev 3/27/18, 72 KB)

Notification of Change of Status Forms

Notification of Compliance Status - Form 232-13 (PDF, rev 7/30/18, 101 KB)

Notice of Dry Cleaning Equipment Shutdown - Form 232-14 (PDF, rev 5/7/18, 66 KB)

Miscellaneous Dry Cleaner Issues

Part 232 Compliance Inspection Report Instructions - Form 232-15I (PDF, rev 5/31/18, 351 KB)

Part 232 Dry Cleaning Facility Compliance Inspection Report - Form 232-15 (PDF, rev 9/10/18, 217 KB)