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DAR-1 Software (New Version 3.6)

DAR-1 (Air Guide-1) provides guidance for the control of toxic ambient air contaminants in New York State. A major component of DAR-1 is the Ambient Air Quality Impact Screening Analysis. This analysis allows for the calculation of ambient impacts resulting from the operation of a source, or multiple sources, of air contamination. Predicted impacts are compared to guideline concentrations and this comparison is used in determining the degree of control required for the acceptable operation of the source(s) under review. This impact analysis and comparison procedure has been incorporated into the DAR-1 software program.

The DAR-1 software program is available here for you to download and install on your personal computer. This program was updated on 8/26/05 and contains the corrected AGC/SGC Tables. Download each of the four files (including PKUNZIP.EXE) onto a single diskette by clicking each file individually. Then, to install the software from Windows, click "Start", "Run", enter "A:INSTALL" and follow the instructions on the screen. The program may be installed under DOS by typing "install" at the "a:" prompt.

DAR-1 Software Program Files

New version 3.6 of the DAR-1 software program now runs on DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, NT & XP. The program will not run on Windows Me. To install the DAR-1 software program, individually download the following four files onto a diskette or C:\AG1 directory, a directory that you must first create. Then, from Windows, click "Start" and "Run" the file A:INSTALL.BAT from the diskette or C:\AG1\INSTALL.BAT from the C:\AG1 directory.

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