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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has added a link to a translation service developed by Microsoft Inc., entitled Bing Translator, as a convenience to visitors to the DEC website who speak languages other than English.

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Feedback on Air Guide-1 Software

The Department's DAR-1 (Air Guide-1) program is continuously being updated to improve performance, address new requirements and correct errors. You can help by providing feedback and comments on the use of this program, including questions, problems and suggestions for improvements. Your comments and those of Department staff will then be posted anonymously on this site so others may benefit. Please email us your comments by clicking the following link in the right column.

Program Tips

HELP: Read the README.TXT file for important information for running the DAR-1 software program. This and other program information may be accessed from the "DAR-1 HELP Menu Directory". Readable versions of the HELP file are presented in the DAR1HELP.TXT (C:\AG1) and DAR1HELP.PDF (DAR-1 Software Support) files.

What's New in New Version 3.6: New version 3.6 now runs on PC's with DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, 2000, NT & XP operating systems. A new sorting option was added to sort, or un-sort, the DAR-1 analysis by highest AGC/SGC exceedance ratio or highest ambient impact. Two other major changes were made the DAR-1 ISCLT2 model. An option was added that uses pollutant half-lives in a simple method that accounts for pollutant removal by physical or chemical processes. Another option lets you view the top 100 contributing sources impacting the point of maximum predicted concentration, maximum impact to AGC ratio, maximum cancer risk or maximum hazard index for each 13 x 8 modeling grid presented. New version 3.6 also contains the corrected 12/22/03 AGC/SGC Tables and an updated HELP file.

Installation: During the DAR-1 software installation, the program will verify that the ANSI.SYS device driver has been loaded into memory. If this device driver has not been loaded, the program will ask permission to modify the CONFIG.SYS or CONFIG.NT file to include the following statement: DEVICE=C:\(ANSI.SYS file location)\ANSI.SYS. Once modified, reboot and run the INSTALL.BAT program again. This is a minor modification that should not affect the operation of your PC or any other software program.

Jumping Between Windows and MS_DOS: You can jump back and forth between a Windows box and a full DOS screen by holding down the "ALT" key and pressing "Enter". The program runs faster in a full DOS screen.

Faded Colors: To improve the color highlighting of the program when run within a Windows box, press "Start", "Settings", "Control Panel", "Display", Settings" and then "Color Palette". Select "High Color (16 Bit)" for good color or "True Color (32 Bit)" for the best color. The color highlighting works fine in a full DOS screen.

The Arrow Movement Keys Do Not Work: The DAR-1 program is an old DOS program. As a result, the mouse and arrow movement keys do not work. To run the program, you must follow the program directions and use the "Enter" key to transmit data to the program.

CAS Numbers & Emissions: During the creation of a RUN file, the program prompts the user to enter each contaminant's CAS number and pound per hour and pound per year emission rates. This data must be entered in a specific format. Each CAS number must be entered as a 10 character field (xxxxx-xx-x) with leading zeros and dashes. Use xxxxxxxx-x if a CAS number has 9 digits. For example, the CAS number for toluene (108883) must be entered as: 00108-88-3. After typing the CAS number, use the space bar to move the cursor under the EMISSION #/HR heading and type the pound per hour emission rate. Next, use the space bar to move the cursor under the EMISSION #/YR heading and type in the pound per year emission rate followed by "Enter".

Questions, Comments & Answers

After I'm done inputting data for a RUN file, I can't exit the data entry mode and I get caught in a loop. How do I exit?

You must type "DONE " or "done " when prompted to ENTER THE LOCATION CODE UNDER THE ******(S). This is the only way to terminate data entry. If you go past this point, just keep pressing "Enter" until you reach the full screen summary. Then, type ANY CHARACTER and Press "Enter" to change the data. On the next screen, type "D" and then "Enter" to delete the emission point and bogus data you just keyed. Finally, type "DONE " to exit.

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