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Air Monitoring Calibration Standards

The Ambient Air Monitoring Section is responsible for all of the calibration standards within the Division of Air Resources. These standards are maintained in the New York State Air Monitoring Standards Laboratory and, at the present time, include:

We maintain specific calibration standards for the following:

  • SO2 (sulfur dioxide)
  • NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)
  • CO (carbon monoxide)
  • O3 (ozone)
  • Pressure (barometric or other)
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Flow
  • PAMS
  • Toxics (TO-14 & TO-15)
  • PM2.5 Calibration Standards

Primary Calibration Standards

A Primary Standard is a calibration standard that is a Standard Reference Material (SRM) or Device which is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the U.S. Commerce Department, formerly the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), located in Washington, D.C. All calibration equipment must be directly traceable back to an SRM.

Transfer Calibration Standards

A Transfer Standard, or Secondary Standard, is a calibration standard that is certified against a primary standard in the laboratory and is used in place of a primary standard at remote monitoring locations. These secondary standards are traceable back to the primary standard in the laboratory and are commonly in the form of calibration devices that are used by field operators to calibrate their air monitoring instrumentation.

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