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Air Monitoring Quality Assurance Oversight

The Quality Assurance (QA) provided for all ambient air monitoring activities in the State ensures that the ambient air monitoring data is accurate, precise, and complete. Oversight is provided through a series of QA field audits completed independently from the monitoring operators' routine checks and audits.

The Ambient Air Monitoring Section conducts two types of audits. They are conducted at each monitoring location at approximately six month intervals.

  1. A Performance Audit checks the accuracy of the field monitoring equipment. It is performed by our oversight staff with QA Standards Laboratory audit equipment, thus ensuring independence from the normal monitoring operators and their calibration equipment.
  2. A Systems Audit is a check on the entire operation of the monitoring program. This audit examines the field operators' procedures, techniques, and schedules. It also checks the supervising engineers' review of the operators' records, the actual data obtained, and the results being recorded in the database.

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