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Revising a Pesticide Label

Application Requirements and Forms

There is no fee for submission of revised labeling applications. All applications for a revised label must include:

  • Complete revised labeling application form (PDF, 660 KB). Instructions are on the form;
  • Paper copy of the proposed final product label. Label changes must be highlighted or listed in a cover letter;
  • A compact disc containing the proposed final product as a .pdf file;
  • One paper copy of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) stamped "accepted" label and/or notification(s) used to prepare the proposed label, if applicable.

Time Frames for DEC Review

Label Review Time Frames
Label Category DEC Approval Required Prior to Distribution? Maximum Days for DEC to Determine Acceptability*
Amendment Yes 90
Notification Yes 30
Non-notification No 30 (if submitted**)

*From receipt of complete application.
**Non-notifications do not require Department approval prior to distribution. However, non-notifications submitted to the Department will be reviewed for acceptability within 30 days.

How DEC Categorizes Label Revisions

The Department classifies revised labels into one of the three following categories:

  1. Amendment - The changes on the proposed final product label are associated with a USEPA stamped "accepted" label. One or more subsequent USEPA notifications may have also been used to produce the final product label.
  2. Notification - The changes on the proposed final product label are based solely on a USEPA notification. These changes must comply with EPA Pesticide Registration Notice 98-10 (NOTE: leaving DEC website) and any other applicable guidelines.
  3. Non-notification - Minor labeling changes that do not require notification to USEPA. Such changes include:
    1. Correcting typos;
    2. Revision, addition or deletion of non-FIFRA related label elements;
    3. Changes in net contents that do not affect other label elements;
    4. Changes in the name or address of the registrant on the label;
    5. Redesign of label format;
    6. Change in fertilizer analysis;
    7. Change in establishment number.

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