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Alternatives to Mercury Pressure Testing Gauges

The following are some examples of companies that sell non-mercury low-pressure testing gauges suitable for testing gas piping, drainage and vent systems. This list does not attempt to endorse any particular product or company. Suitable pressure testing devices may also be available though your local plumbing supply companies.

  • Brand: Wal-Rich
    Model: W-Diaphragm Low Pressure, Gas Test Kit, -5 psi and 10 psi configurations
    Contact: Wal-Rich Corporation, 97-36 43rd Avenue, Corona, NY 11368
    (718) 476-788, (800) 221-1157,

  • Brand: TEL-TRU
    Model: Low Pressure Gauges
    Contact: TEL-TRU Manufacturing Company, 408 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14605
    (585) 232-1440, (800) 232-5335,

  • Brand: Versa-Gauge
    Model: Low Pressure Gauges, Series 3310, 3340
    Contact: Versa Gauge, 600 Ensminger Road, Buffalo, NY 14150
    (716) 874-9300,

  • Brand: Ashcroft
    Model: Ashcroft Pressure Tester, multi-purpose digital pressure gauge
    Contact: Dresser Industries, Instrument Division, Domestic HQ, PO Box 5605, Newtown, CT 06470, (203) 378-8281,

  • Brand: Bristol Babcock
    Model: Helicoid 900 Series Gauges
    Contact: Bristol Babcock Helicoid Instruments, 1100 Buckingham St., Watertown, CT 06795,(860) 945-2218,

  • Brand: DCT Instruments
    Model: Series JK Digital Pressure Test Gauge, Series TK Digitial Pressure Test Gauge
    Contact: DCT IInstruments 2080 Arlingate, Columbus, OH 43228
    (614) 481-7777, (800) 328-1028-5335,

  • Brand: HAENNI
    Model: HAENNI 2 Inch Diameter Gauges, liquid-filled stainless steel Bourdon tube pressure gauges
    Contact: HAENNI Instruments, Inc., 1107 Wright Avenue, Gretna, LA 70056
    (504) 392-3344,

  • Brand: TRERICE
    Model:Low Pressure Gauges
    Contact: TRERICE, 12950 W. Eight Mile Road, Oak Park, MI 48237
    (248) 399-7246,

Note: Gauges should meet the specifications of ASME B40.100-1998, Standards for Pressure Gauges and Gauge Attachments.

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