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What's New with the Hazardous Waste Annual Report Instructions and Forms

No changes have been made to the Annual Hazardous Waste Report Instructions or Forms for 2016. For reference, the changes made to the Annual Hazardous Waste Report Instructions and Forms in 2013 are provided below. These changes carry into the subsequent reporting years, including 2016.

Waste Minimization Codes

The waste minimization codes were revised to assist filers with reporting their waste minimization activities. New waste minimization codes identify when waste minimization activities occurred (whether initiated prior to the reporting year or during the reporting year) and also provide examples of the types of waste minimization activities.

Consolidated Waste Management Codes

Some management method codes have been consolidated in order to ease reporting. For example, previous codes H071 (chemical reduction), H073 (cyanide destruction), H075 (chemical oxidation), H076 (wet air oxidation) and H077 (other chemical precipitation) have all been consolidated under the new management method code H070 (chemical treatment). The management method codes for the current reporting year have been mapped to the management method codes used for previous years in order to assist filers with the transition.

Revised Language for Some Source Code Descriptions

Editorial changes were made to the description of some source codes in order to improve clarity for filers. For example, G25 was changed from "hazardous waste management" to "treatment, disposal, or recycling of hazardous waste" in order to better communicate the meaning of this code.

Revised North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code Descriptions

The Annual Hazardous Waste Report should be completed using the 2012 NAICS codes established by the U.S. Census Bureau. Significant changes were made to the NAICS codes in 2012. All filers should confirm that they are referencing the 2012 NAICS codes in their report. The 2012 NAICS code table can be found at the US Census Bureau web site. (See link at the "Links leaving DEC's Website" on the right.)