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Title 6 NYCRR Part 360 Regulations

New York State's Solid Waste Management Facilities Regulations, 6 NYCRR Part 360 (Part 360) are the authority by which the State sets design standards and operational criteria for all solid waste management facilities. The Department is revising these regulations to reflect the Department's experience in implementing these regulations since the last major revision in 1992.

The current Part 360 Regulations will remain in effect until such time as the rulemaking process is complete.

Comprehensive Revisions, Enhancements and Structure Changes

The revisions include technical amendments and clarifications, as well as updated language due to legal and policy developments. The revisions will also include re-formatting of the existing structure of Part 360 into a Part 360 series, enumerated as Parts 360-369. The information contained as subparts in the current Part 360 regulations will be subdivided into these Parts to better organize solid waste topics, and to make future revisions to specific topics less burdensome, as follows:

Part 360 General Provisions

Part 361 Solid Waste & Material Recovery Facilities

Subpart 361-1 Recyclable Handling & Recovery Facilities
Subpart 361-2 Land Application and Associated Storage Facilities
Subpart 361-3 Organic Waste Processing Facilities
Subpart 361-4 Construction and Demolition Debris Handling and Recovery Facilities
Subpart 361-5 Vehicle Dismantling Facilities
Subpart 361-6 Waste Tire Handling & Recovery Facilities

Part 362 Solid Waste Combustion, Transfer and Processing Facilities

Subpart 362-1 Solid Waste Combustion, Incineration, and Thermal Conversion Facilities
Subpart 362-2 Transfer Facilities
Subpart 362-3 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities
Subpart 362-4 Waste Oil Handling Facilities

Part 363 Solid Waste Landfills

Part 364 Waste Transporters

Part 365 Biohazard Waste Management Facilities

Subpart 365-1 General
Subpart 365-2 Regulated Medical Waste Management Facilities
Subpart 365-3 Household Medical Waste Sharps Collection Facilities
Subpart 365-4 Biohazard Incident Waste Management Facilities
Subpart 365-5 Animal and Contaminated Food Supply Waste Management Facilities

Part 366 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Planning

Part 369 Solid Waste State Assistance Projects

Where to Send Suggestions for Proposed Changes

Comments and proposed changes may be emailed to SolidWasteRegulations@dec.ny.gov or mailed to the following address:

Melissa Treers, P.E.
Division of Materials Management
625 Broadway, 9th Floor
Albany, New York 12233-7260

This web site will be updated regularly to include new information regarding the development of the regulations.

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