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Former Doro Dry Cleaners

Site Number 915238

March 2014 Update - Remedy Finalized

Doro Dry Cleaners site before Site Investigation
Doro Dry Cleaners site before Site Investigation

Documents related to the cleanup of this site can be found at the location identified below under Where to Find Information.

Digital Files

Record of Decision - Remedy

The site is listed as a Class "2" site in the State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites (list of State Superfund sites). A Class 2 site represents a significant threat to public health or the environment; action is required.

The remedy for the site includes:

  • Excavation and off-site disposal of soils above the water table in two areas along the east and west sides of the building on site.
  • The excavations will be backfilled with a mixture of clean soils and chemicals that promote the degradation of the contaminants remaining in the groundwater and soils beneath.
  • A sub-slab depressurization system (SSDS) would be installed in the on-site building to draw contaminant vapors from beneath the building, using piping and a fan-powered vent, to discharge those vapors to the atmosphere.
  • A similar SSDS installed in one of the nearby homes will continue to be monitored and maintained.
  • Some homeowners had declined to have their homes evaluated for soil vapor intrusion. Should they request to have their property evaluated in the future; a determination will be made as to whether or not such an evaluation is still necessary or appropriate. Any actions recommended to address exposures related to soil vapor intrusion will be implemented.
  • Groundwater will be monitored over the short term to assess the performance and effectiveness of the proposed remedy.

Summary of the Investigation

The RI identified potential source areas of chlorinated solvent contamination from the former dry cleaning facility on site. The source area east of the on-site building, was characterized by cis-1,2-dichloroethene (cis-DCE) and vinyl chloride in the groundwater. The source area west of the on-site building, which may have been the result of solvents leaking out of a dry cleaning machine inside the building, is characterized primarily by tetrachloroethene (PCE) in the soil. Cis-DCE was also detected in samples collected from a sump inside the on-site building.

Groundwater velocity was found to be slow. Contaminated groundwater plumes extend approximately 150 feet to the northwest and south from the on-site source areas. While PCE
and trichloroethene were found in the groundwater, cis-DCE and vinyl chloride were found at significantly higher concentrations and are considered the principle groundwater contaminants.

Soil vapor intrusion sampling of the on-site building found that PCE was the principle contaminant in the sub-slab vapor and indoor air. The other site-related contaminants were present at significantly lower concentrations. The source of the sub-slab vapor and indoor air contamination is presumed to be the PCE-contaminated soils in the source area on the west side of the building.

DEC developed the proposed remedy after reviewing the detailed investigation of the site and evaluating the remedial options in the "feasibility study" submitted under New York's State Superfund Program.

Site Timeline

40 years
Dry cleaning facility
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
Nearby homes were evaluated for soil vapor intrusion
Phase II Environmental Assessment - property east of site
Remedial Investigation report to be released
Remedial Action Plan proposed with public comment period

Next Steps

DEC will consider public comments as it finalizes the remedy for the site. The selected remedy will be described in a document called a "Record of Decision" that will explain why the remedy was selected and respond to public comments. A detailed design of the selected remedy will then be prepared, and the cleanup will be performed.


Location: The Former Doro Dry Cleaners Site is located at 3460-3466 Genesee Street in the Town of Cheektowaga, Erie County, New York. The site is located in a commercial and suburban setting, near Union Road and NYS Route 33.

Site Features: The main site features include two attached buildings with parking areas located to the south and west. Directly to the north is undeveloped land covered by grass, bushes and trees; immediately adjacent and west of the open lot are the backyards of several homes. Located to the east is commercial property consisting of a large shopping plaza.

Current Zoning/Use: The site is currently zoned for general commercial use. The current owner uses the north end of the building for storing office equipment and has made some renovations to the south end of the building for eventual use as office space. Surrounding parcels are currently used for a combination of residential and commercial use. The nearest residential area is located immediately adjacent to the site to the west- northwest.

Historic Use: Prior uses that have led to site contamination include the storage and use of chlorinated solvent for the dry cleaning facility that operated in the two buildings for approximately 40 years.

Completed site investigations include a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (2008) and a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (2010) which indicated contamination leading to the site's listing as a class 2. A 2012 Phase II Environmental Assessment of the commercial property immediately east of the site was also completed.

Site Geology and Hydrogeology: The geology on-site consists of a thin, 1- to 4-foot thick layer of topsoil and organics underlain by brown to reddish-brown clay, which varies in thickness from approximately 2 to 10 feet. This clay layer is underlain by a light brown sandy clay layer, which varies in thickness from approximately 2 to 6 feet. Groundwater is encountered in this sandy clay later. The sandy clay is underlain by glacial till, which ranges in thickness from about 2 to 4 feet. The glacial till was deposited on Onondaga Limestone bedrock, which was estimated at depths of between 14 and 16 feet below ground surface (bgs) across the area sampled.

Groundwater flows on-site from a high point under the former Doro Cleaners building to the northwest and southwest. The groundwater occurs at depths of approximately 8 to 12 feet below ground surface

Additional Details

Additional site details, including environmental and health assessment summaries, are available on DEC's website.

State Superfund Program

New York's SSF identifies and characterizes suspected inactive hazardous waste disposal sites. Sites that pose a significant threat to public health and/or the environment go through a process of investigation, evaluation, cleanup and monitoring. DEC attempts to identify parties responsible for site contamination and require cleanup before committing State funds.

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Where to Find Information

Public interest in this project is valued and appreciated. Project documents are available at the following location to help the public stay informed.

NYS DEC Region 9 Office
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Who to Contact

Comments and questions are always welcome and should be directed as follows:

Project Related Questions:
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NYS Department of Health
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Site Location

Aerial view of the Former Doro Dry Cleaners site
Aerial view of the Former Doro Dry Cleaners site