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Hurricane Sandy HHW Disposal

This information applies to household hazardous waste (HHW) generated as a result of damage from Hurricane Sandy. HHW such as contaminated petroleum products, paint and pesticides should be disposed of properly to protect people's health and the environment (see Accepted Items below). The public is urged to separate potentially hazardous wastes from their regular trash and bring them to one of the newly established drop-off locations or place them on the curb in areas where there will be curbside pickup (see HHW Collection for Specific Communities below). Any chemical or oil spills, such as from home heating oil tanks, must be reported to NYSDEC through the agency's Spills Hotline at 1-800-457-7362.

Accepted Items

  • Household Cleaners: Ammonia-based cleaners; oven and drain cleaners; floor care products; aerosol cleaners; window cleaners; furniture polish; metal polishes and cleaners; tub, tile, and toilet bowl cleaners.
  • Paints & Related Products: Latex, water, and oil-based paints; turpentine paint stripper; rust remover; paint thinner; and varnish.
  • Automotive Fluids: Used motor oil and filters; gasoline and diesel fuel; kerosene; auto body repair products; windshield washer solution; antifreeze; brake and transmission fluid; and metal polish.
  • Batteries: Lead-acid batteries; rechargeable batteries; NiCad; NiMH; mercury batteries; and car batteries.
  • Lawn & Garden-care Products: Bug spray; fertilizer; pesticides; fungicides; herbicides and products that kill rodents.
  • Beauty Products & Medicines: Alcohol-based lotions; isopropyl alcohol; expired or damaged medicines (drop-off locations but not curbside); nail polish and remover; hair relaxers; dyes and permanents; and products in aerosol cans.
  • Miscellaneous: Fluorescent lights; mercury thermometers; photographic chemicals; lighter fluids; shoe polish; fiberglass epoxy; swimming pool chemicals; moth balls; and glue.

Not Accepted

  • Ammunition and guns;
  • Sharps;
  • Building or construction materials;
  • Infectious medical wastes;
  • Tires or other automotive parts.

Oil-contaminated debris or material contaminated by other petroleum or chemical products should be separated and stored in a well-ventilated area. If placed on the curb, they should be placed in transparent trash bags or labeled, if possible. If large amounts are stored outdoors (e.g., oil-soaked dry wall debris), the piles should be covered to keep rain from contaminating nearby soil and water.

Items touched by flood waters may contain bacteria from sewage or toxic chemicals from garden chemicals, fuels, or other sources. Porous items should be dried right away to prevent mold. If possible, household furnishings should be cleaned and disinfected. If they cannot be cleaned, they should be discarded. Hard, non-porous surfaces should also be cleaned. For detailed advice, see the State Department of Health's website.

HHW Collection for Specific Communities

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the NYSDEC are working with local communities to establish temporary drop-off and storage areas for storm-generated household debris. Links to information regarding drop-off locations and curbside pickups for the following Counties are here:

HHW Collection in New York City

HHW Collection in Suffolk County

HHW Collection in Nassau County

You can find more information by calling the USEPA at 888-283-7626 during normal business hours to obtain specific disposal information. Additional information about HHW may be found on the USEPA's website.

More about Hurricane Sandy HHW Disposal:

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