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LCP-OU-2 Draft Design Report- October 2012

The remediation of Linden Chemical and Plastics Operable Unit 2 (LCP OU-2) is part of the continuing effort to restore the overall former LCP site, which is located in an industrial area on Gerelock Road in the Town of Geddes. The 20-acre site consists of two OUs. The LCP OU-2 site, the subject of this design, was formerly a hydrogen peroxide plant. A Record of Decision (ROD) outlining the selected remedy for LCP OU-2 was issued in April 2010. The ROD included several remedial activities to address contamination in the LCP OU-2 soils and groundwater. This report describes design elements that are necessary for the implementation of the remedy, including the following:

  • In situ chemical oxidation to permanently treat site soil and groundwater chemical
    parameters of interest at multiple depths to meet target New York State Department of
    Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) standards
  • Excavation and offsite disposal of approximately 3,100 cubic yards (cy) of shallow soils from around the former building footprints
  • Installation of 1 ft. of clean gravel cap and demarcation layer following remediation

The ROD also included the development of a site management plan (SMP) and an environmental easement for the property, including provisions for managing the redevelopment and reuse of the site to be consistent with the established remedial goals. The SMP and environmental easement will be finalized following completion of the remedial activities described in this plan.

LCP OU-2 Draft Design Report- October 2012

Part I- Report and Appendices A-C (PDF) (65 pages, 4.5 mB)

Part II- Appendix D (PDF) (8 pages, 1.5 mB)

Part III- Appendix E and Construction Quality Assurance Plan (PDF) (58 pages, 3.9 mB)

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