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Upper Harbor Brook IRM Construction Work Plan- August 2012

This Construction Work Plan summarizes the work to be conducted as part of the Upper Harbor Brook Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) in Geddes, New York. The Upper Harbor Brook IRM is a component of the Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Site IRM, which also includes the East and West barrier walls and associated groundwater collection systems, and the area between the East and West barrier walls and the Onondaga Lake shoreline, referred to as the Outboard Area, and lower Harbor Brook. The purpose of the Construction Work Plan is to provide specific project information including the project approach, project management and organization, project deliverables, schedule, and assumptions.

Upper Harbor Brook consists of areas upstream from Culvert #1 (North of I-690 bridge) to Open Water Area #5 (OW #5) immediately downstream of the Onondaga County floatables removal facility , as well as the manmade drainage channels and associated wetlands in this reach of Harbor Brook. These areas have been impacted by,Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) , metals and Semi Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs). Non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) have also been observed.

The Upper Harbor Brook IRM Project consists primarily of the installation of a shallow ground water collection and conveyance system that will mitigate the discharge of ground water impacted by VOCs,SVOCs and metals to Upper Harbor Brook. As part of the remedy, impacted sediments will be removed from the existing ditches, wetlands, and Upper Harbor Brook. The removed sediment will be replaced with suitable soils to facilitate habitat establishment within the affected areas. In selected areas, a membrane liner will be installed beneath the new soil as a means of minimizing the discharge of ground water. Other elements of the IRM include wetland enhancement by planting appropriate wetland vegetation, culvert inspection, installation of a lining in the western portion of the 72- inch culvert #3 and I-690 storm sewer cleaning, and inspection. Collected groundwater will be pumped from the two (2) pump stations constructed adjacent to the brook via force main installed as part of the project, which will be connected to the East barrier wall force main, to Lakeshore Groundwater Pump Station and ultimately the Willis/Semet Groundwater Treatment Plant.

Upper Harbor Brook IRM Construction Work Plan- August 2012

Upper Harbor Brook IRM Construction Work Plan- Part 1 (PDF) (2.8 mB, 55 pages)

Upper Harbor Brook IRM Construction Work Plan- Part 2 (PDF) (3.4 mB, 4 pages)

Contract drawings and sampling locations contained in this report are available at the repositories for this site.

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