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Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs)

Emission trading programs achieve emission reductions by allowing sources with more expensive control costs to trade allowances with sources that have cheaper control costs. Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) are generated when a facility shuts down or voluntarily reduces its permitted emissions by accepting a federally-enforceable emission cap. Facility owners who must obtain credits to offset new or increased emissions prior to constructing or modifying their air pollution sources can use these credits to obtain the necessary permits. These provisions are described under subpart 231-10 of department regulations.

The ERC Registry

The credits are made available in a registry maintained by the Division of Air's Bureau of Stationary Sources. This registry of ERCs that are available for offsets is maintained pursuant to the New York State Clean Air Compliance Act and 6NYCRR Part 231. (link leaves DEC's website)

The ERCs Forms

To use the forms:

  1. Open the forms by clicking on them.
  2. Print the form.
  3. Fill in the required information.
  4. Mail the appropriate completed form along with any required supporting documentation to the appropriate Regional DEC office for creating or using ERCs.

More about Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs):

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