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Vehicle Inspection Program

The federal Clean Air Act addresses the nation's chronic air pollution problems by requiring states to submit State Implementation Plans (SIPs) to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These plans detail the steps that the states are taking to bring their air quality into compliance with federal standards. In certain cases, the Clean Air Act requires specific air pollution control programs. One of these programs, motor vehicle Inspection and Maintenance, remains crucial in achieving New York's air quality goals. The focus of this State Implementation Plan revision is to update New York's March 1996 Enhanced Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance SIP to reflect the implementation of the new statewide New York Vehicle Inspection Program. This SIP revision was submitted to US EPA in March 2006, and is pending their approval.

More about Vehicle Inspection Program:

  • Vehicle Inspection Program EPA Letter - Amendments to 6 NYCRR Part 217, Motor Vehicle Emissions, were adopted on September 30, 2002 and became effective on October 30, 2002. Those amendments form the basis of this SIP revision.
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