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NYS Final Implementation Plan for Regional Haze

The following is the content of a letter and associated attachment sent to the Regional Administrator at the USEPA, Region 2, Judith A. Enck. The letter was signed on March 15, 2010 by J. Jared Snyder, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Air Resources, Climate Change and Energy. Items mentioned in the letter, but not made available on the website, are available upon request.

On behalf of the Governor of the State of New York, I am submitting for approval by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the New York State Implementation Plan for Regional Haze.

This SIP has been developed as required by 40 CFR Sections 51.308 to meet the requirements of the EPA's Regional Haze rules under the requirements set forth in the Clean Air Act. This SIP addresses all of the elements required by 40 CFR Section 51.308, including Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART) requirements, the establishment of Reasonable Progress Goals (RPGs) and the commitment to implement measures that contributing states like New York must take to do their part in meeting RPGs in affected Class I areas. In addition, this SIP addresses Regional Planning, State and Federal Land Manager coordination, and contains a commitment to provide future plan revisions and adequacy determinations as necessary.

As required according to 40 CFR Section 51.308(i) that requires coordination between States, Tribes and the Federal Land Managers (FLMs) in developing each state's implementation plan for Regional Haze, a draft of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (Department) "New York State Implementation Plan for Regional Haze" (RH SIP) was provided to the Federal Land Managers at the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for review and comment prior to holding any public hearing.

This document has undergone the required public review process in which a public hearing and the opportunity for public comment were held. The public hearing took place on January 5, 2010. The following documents are enclosed:

1. Copies of the Public Notices published in Newsday, New York Post, The Journal News and the Environmental Notice Bulletin on December 2, 2009.
2. Legislative Hearing Transcript
3. Responsiveness Summary
4. New York's Final Implementation Plan for Regional Haze

Should you have any questions regarding this submission, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. David J. Shaw, Director of the Department's Division of Air Resources at (518) 402-8452.

Final Implementation Plan for Regional Haze PDF (1.96mb, 183 pgs)
Appendix A- Contributions to Regional Haze in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States, Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Visibility Union (MANE-VU) Contribution Assessment PDF (2.37mb, 118 pgs)
Appendix B - Summary of Federal Land Manager Comments and Responses PDF (66 kb, 31 pgs)
Appendix C - Guidance for Estimating Natural Visibility Conditions Under the Regional Haze Rule PDF (379 kb, 66 pgs)
Appendix D - Technical Memorandum #1 Updated Visibility Statistics for the MANE-VU Region PDF (496 kb, 49 pgs)
Appendix E - Development of Emission Projections For 2009, 2012, and 2018 For NonEGU Point, Area, and Nonroad Source In the MANE-VU Region - Final Report February, 2007 PDF (826 kb, 194 pgs)
Appendix F - Summary of Consultation between New York and the Other MANE-VU States PDF (61 kb, 15 pgs)
Appendix G - Technical Support Document on Measures to Mitigate the Visibility Impacts of Construction Activities in the MANE-VU Region PDF (250 kb, 13 pgs)
Appendix H - Technical Support Document for 2002 MANE-VU SIP Modeling Inventories PDF (879 kb, 188 pgs)
Appendix I - Technical Support Document on Agricultural and Forestry Smoke Management in the MANE-VU Region PDF (843 kb, 18 pgs)
Appendix J - Assessment of Reasonable Progress for Regional Haze In MANE-VU Class I Areas PDF (949 kb, 133 pgs)
Appendix K - Statement of the MANE-VU Concerning a Course of Action Within MANE-VU Toward Assuring Reasonable Progress PDF (831 kb, 7 pgs)
Appendix L - Baseline and Natural Background Visibility Conditions PDF (113 kb, 20 pgs)
Appendix M - The Nature of the Fine Particle and Regional Haze Air Quality Problems in the MANE-VU Region: A Conceptual Description PDF (1.75 mb, 94 pgs)
Appendix N - MANE-VU Basis for Reasonable Controls PDF (960 kb, 20 pgs)
Appendix O - Supplemental Air Quality Modeling Technical Support Document (TSD) for the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) May 2004 PDF
(379 kb, 27 pgs)
Appendix P - Top Electric Generating Emission Points Contributing to Visibility Impairment in MANE-VU PDF (30 kb, 5 pgs)
Appendix Q - Five-Factor Analysis of BART Eligible Sources PDF (993 kb, 37 pgs)
Appendix R - MANE-VU Modeling for Reasonable Progress Goals PDF (1.94 mb, 74 pgs)
Appendix S - Statement of MANE-VU Concerning a Request for a Course of Action by States Outside of MANE-VU Toward Assuring Reasonable Progress PDF (689 kb, 2 pgs)
Appendix T - Comparison of CAIR and CAIR Plus Proposal Using the Integrated Planning Model (IMP) PDF (302 kb, 59 pgs)
Appendix U - Assessment of Control Technology Options for BART-Eligible Sources PDF (541 kb, 102 pgs)
Appendix V - 2018 Visibility Projections PDF (158 kb, 27 pgs)
Appendix W - Documentation of 2018 Emissions from Electric Generating Untis in the Eastern US for MANE-VU's Regional Haze Modeling PDF (301 kb, 47 pgs)
Appendix X - Letter from New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services PDF (542 kb, 3 pgs)

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