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Converting Gallons of Sludge to Metric Tons

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants are required to submit a Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) form to report the amount of sludge they handled each December.
  • Many facilities need to convert the number of gallons of liquid sludge hauled to metric tons.
  • Below are the equations used for this conversion and an example to help convert gallons of sludge hauled to metric tons.
  • The equations and example are available in Appendix C of the DMR Manual (PDF) (430 KB).


calculation of gallons of sludge to dry metric tons


Example of calculation of 100,000 gallons of sludge

How to Report the Results on the DMR

It is important to appropriately report the calculated results on the DMR form.

When reporting calculated results on the DMR form, the number of significant digits reported is the least number of significant digits in any of the measurements.

In this example, the least number of significant digits is 2 (Total Solids, 5.0%); therefore, round the result to 19 metric tons.

See the DMR Manual for more information on significant figures, rounding, precision, and reporting of SPDES data.