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Renewal Training, Course Approval, Approved Trainers

All renewal training courses must be approved by NYSDEC (Part 650.8, Renewal Requirements) (link leaves DEC's website).

Certification Renewal

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An operator's certificate is active for a period of five years (link leaves DEC's website). Each certificate is renewed by completing a specified number of NYSDEC approved renewal training contact hours.

A contact hour equals 60 minutes of training related to the operation, maintenance, or management of a wastewater treatment plant or collection system. The number of hours required to renew depends on the operator certification grade.

  • The contact hour requirements to renew each of the certificate grades and overview of the renewal procedures.
  • For Renewal Forms, explanation of application fees and contact information, please visit the NYWEA website; the offsite link is located in the right hand column under "Links Leaving DEC's Website".

Renewal Training Courses for Operators

All renewal training must be approved by NYSDEC before submitting an application for renewal of certification.

Application Process for NYSDEC Approved Trainers

NYSDEC requires an approved trainer to oversee all in-house training offered by a municipality.

The trainer is responsible for ensuring that all in-house wastewater training meets basic instructional objectives and that the programs have been approved by NYSDEC.

The requirement to become a NYSDEC approved trainer includes completion of a basic instructional technology (Train-the-Trainer) program.

How to Become an Approved NYSDEC Trainer

  1. Complete a 12-hour, or longer, basic instructional technology course or train-the-trainer program.
  2. Send the a copy of the instructional technology course completion certificate and a letter requesting to become a NYSDEC Approved Trainer to NYSDEC at the address in the right-hand side of this page.
  3. NYSDEC will review your request and, if approved, will send you a letter with your assigned, unique trainer number (TR###). Use this trainer number on all requests for training course approval.

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