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125 Main Street Site

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January 2014 Fact Sheet
125 Main Street Update: Certifies Cleanup Requirements Achieved at Brownfield Site

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has determined the cleanup requirements to address contamination related to the 125 Main Street Site ("site") located at 125 Main Street, Buffalo, Erie County under New York State's Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) have been met. Please see the map for the Site Location.

The cleanup activities were performed by Harbor District Associates, LLC and Harbor Lodging, LLC with oversight provided by DEC. DEC has approved a Final Engineering Report and issued a Certificate of Completion for the site. Copies of the Final Engineering Report and Notice of the Certificate of Completion are available at the locations identified below under Where to Find Information.

Completion of Project

The site has been covered with pavement, stone and clean soil to allow for re-use of the property. An environmental easement has been imposed that will restrict the property to restricted residential, commercial and industrial uses. Use of the groundwater as a source of potable or process water, without the necessary water quality treatment, has been prohibited.

A Site Management Plan requires the management of future excavations in areas of remaining contamination; assesses the performance and effectiveness of the site cover; and details the steps necessary for the periodic review and certification of these controls.

Final Engineering Report Approved

DEC has approved the Final Engineering Report, which:

  1. Describes the cleanup activities completed;
  2. Certifies that cleanup requirements have been or will be achieved for the site;
  3. Describes any institutional/engineering controls to be used. An institutional control is a non-physical restriction on use of the site, such as a deed restriction, when contamination left over after the cleanup action makes the site suitable for some, but not all uses. An engineering control is a physical barrier or method to manage contamination such as a cap or vapor barrier;
  4. Certifies that a site management plan for any engineering controls used at the site has been approved by DEC.

The following institutional controls have been or will be put in place on the site:

  • Environmental Easement

The following engineering controls have been or will be put in place on the site:

  • Cover System

Next Steps

With its receipt of a Certificate of Completion, the applicant is eligible to redevelop the site. In addition, the applicant:

  • Has no liability to the State for contamination at or coming from the site, subject to certain conditions; and
  • Is eligible for tax credits to offset the costs of performing cleanup activities and for redevelopment of the site.

A Certificate of Completion may be modified or revoked if, for example, there is a failure to comply with the terms of the order or agreement with DEC.

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Location: The site is located in the historic canal district of the City of Buffalo, Erie County, New York. The site is bound by an active, depressed railroad track and elevated section of Interstate 190 to the north; Scott Street to the south; Washington Street to the east; and Main Street to the west. The site is located in a predominantly commercial area of the City of Buffalo. The nearest residential development is located approximately 0.15-miles to the west of the site.

The site is comprised of two separate parcels, identified as parcels D1 and D2. Parcel D1 is the main development parcel and is approximately 1.61 acres. Parcel D2 is approximately 0.32 acres and is located south of D1 along Scott Street.

Site Features: The property was previously owned and operated by the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) and consists of an eight story office building. Asphalt parking areas cover most of the remaining site. The site is generally flat but drops several feet in elevation from north to south. The Hamburg Canal once transected the southern half of the site; the Hamburg Drain, a large combined sewer, is located within the backfilled canal.

Current Zoning Use: Currently the site is occupied by a vacant structure that is being re-developed into an office and retail building. The property is zoned for commercial uses.

Past Use of the Site: The site was once occupied by commercial storefronts, a restaurant, a junk yard, a contractor's yard, the American Bit Brace Factory, a machine shop, the Cooper and Sibley Paper Box factory, a boot and shoe manufacturer, a tin shop, a paint shop, a patent medicine manufacturer, and a wire works. Quay Street once ran east and west through the central area of the site, parallel to the Hamburg Canal. The Lehigh Valley Railroad passenger terminal was once located in the southern end of the site, atop the Hamburg Canal which had been backfilled between 1899 and 1925. The office building was constructed in 1960, with three underground storage tanks (USTs) installed beneath the paved parking areas for gasoline, diesel and fuel oil. The three USTs were removed and successfully remediated in 2008. Prior uses that appear to have led to site contamination include machining and painting operations that occurred on site and the storage and use of petroleum and other fossil fuels.

Additional site details, including environmental and health assessment summaries, are available on DEC's website.

Brownfield Cleanup Program

New York's BCP encourages the voluntary cleanup of contaminated properties known as "brownfields" so that they can be reused and redeveloped. These uses include recreation, housing, business or other uses. A brownfield is any real property that is difficult to reuse or redevelop because of the presence or potential presence of contamination.

Where to Find Information

Public interest in this project is valued and appreciated. Project documents are available for review at the following locations to help the public stay informed:

Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
1 Lafayette Square
Buffalo, NY 14203
Attn: Mary Jean Jakubowski
(716) 858-8900

NYSDEC Region 9 Office
270 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14203
Attn: Mr. David Locey
(716) 851-7220
(Please call for an appointment)

Who to Contact

Comments and questions are always welcome and should be directed as follows:

Environmental Related Questions
Mr. David Locey
270 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14203
(716) 851-7220
(Please call for an appointment)

Health Related Questions
Ms. Scarlett Messier-McLaughlin
Public Health Specialist
Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation
Flanigan Square, Room 300
547 River Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 402-7860

Project Development Questions
Mr. Mike DePriest
Harbor District Associates, LLC
570 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 886-0211

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Site Location

Aerial view of the 125 Main Street brownfield site
Aerial view of the 125 Main Street brownfield site