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Upper Harbor Brook IRM- Final Design Report and Appendicies, March 2012

The Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Site (Site) is located on the border of the City of Syracuse and the Town of Geddes and is near Onondaga Lake's southwest shoreline. Harbor Brook lies along the eastern border of the Site. The wastebed consists primarily of inorganic wastes resulting from the production of soda ash using the Solvay process. Other waste materials associated with a variety of production processes from former Solvay
process, and later Allied Signal, operations were also likely disposed at the wastebed along with the Solvay process wastes. In addition, the Penn-Can portion of the site was formerly used for the production and storage of asphalt products consisting mainly of asphalt, coal tar, caustic soda and muriatic acid. It is suspected that these products were disposed of at this site and/or leaked into the soil. These are sources or potential sources of contamination to Onondaga Lake and Harbor Brook.

The primary component of this IRM is the installation of a shallow ground water collection and conveyance system that will minimize the discharge of impacted ground water to the site ditches, wetlands, Upper Harbor Brook and ultimately Onondaga Lake. As part of the remedy, impacted sediments will be removed from the existing ditches and Upper Harbor Brook to facilitate the installation of a membrane liner in certain areas. The membrane liner will be installed as a means of minimizing the discharge of ground water into the ditches and Upper Harbor Brook and will also minimize the potential for surface water to enter the collection trenches.

Within the scope of the IRM, the objectives are to:

  • Eliminate the discharge of impacted ground water and NAPL (and collect NAPL, as feasible) into Harbor
    Brook and Onondaga Lake.
  • Eliminate the potential human health and ecological impacts associated with Site constituents of concern.
  • Eliminate the potential impacts to fish and wildlife resources associated with on-going discharges of
    Contaminants of Concern from the Site.
  • IRM objectives will be met through the use of hydraulic control, treatment, containment, and excavation/disposal/removal.
  • Components of the IRM scope include: excavation of sediment, groundwater collection, installation of an isolation layer, enhancement of wetlands, and cleaning/lining of culverts and storm sewers.

The report and several appendices appear below. The complete report can be found at the repositories for the site.

Upper Harbor Brook IRM Final Design Report (PDF) (108 pages, 4.4mB)

Upper Harbor Brook IRM Final Design Report, Appendix F, Vegetation Survey, Part I (PDF) (8 pages, 2.9 mB)

Upper Harbor Brook IRM Final Design Report, Appendix F, Vegetation Survey, Part II (PDF) (30 pages, 3.5 mB)

Upper Harbor Brook IRM Final Design Report, Appendicies J, K and L (PDF) (74 pages, 2.6 mB)

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