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Requirements for OWB Distributors

Notice to Buyers

Prospective buyers or lessees of new OWBs must be provided a written Notice to Buyer of a New OWB (PDF) (19 KB, 2 pgs) by distributors prior to the sale or lease of a new OWB. The purpose of the Notice is to alert the buyer or lessee to the existence of Part 247, let them know which fuels may be burned in the OWB they are considering, and to provide a warning that even if the requirements of Part 247 are met, nuisance situations may occur which may subject the OWB operator to sanctions and fines.

After a sale or lease is completed, the distributor must add the following information to the notice and submit it to the appropriate NYSDEC regional office: name and address of the owner (or lessee); street address where the OWB was installed (if different from above); name of the manufacturer and the model number of the OWB; height of the permanent stack; and the setback distance. The completed Notice must be signed by the owner (or lessee) and distributor.

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