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Requirements for OWB Manufacturers

What documentation must be submitted to the DEC in order to get an OWB model certified for sale in New York State?

Effective April 15, 2011, only certified OWB models may be sold in New York State. The certification requirements are set forth in Section 247.8 of Part 247. Manufacturers seeking to sell an OWB model must submit TWO (2) complete application packages. The manufacturer's checklist (PDF) 11kb below should be used by manufacturers when preparing an application package. The DEC recommends that manufacturers include a copy of this checklist when submitting a certification application.

Manufacturer's Checklist - OWB Certification Applications

Application for Certification of New OWBs (PDF 22kb, 2 pgs).

• Four individual, color photographs of the unit tested by the independent laboratory showing the front, back and both sides of the unit.

• A copy of the operation and maintenance instructions. A copy of the Owner's Manual is sufficient.

• Copy of the final test report prepared by the testing laboratory.

• Engineering drawings and specifications. See second page of the Application for Certification for a list of components for which engineering drawings and specifications must be supplied to the DEC.

• TWO (2) paper copies of each of the above items must be submitted to the DEC. One copy of the laboratory test report must be submitted in an electronic format (e.g., CD) and the other as a paper copy.

What are the labeling requirements manufacturers must follow?

Manufacturers must affix a permanent label on all new OWBs sold in New York. The following information must be displayed on these labels:

  • Name and address of the manufacturer;
  • Date the OWB was manufactured;
  • Model name and number;
  • Serial number;
  • Thermal output rating in Btu/h; and
  • Certified PM emission rate.

What OWB models has the DEC certified for sale in New York?

A list of OWB models certified for sale in New York is maintained on the DEC web site.

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