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Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Outboard Area Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis

September 2011

The Outboard Area of Wastebed B/Harbor Brook is a 16-acre strip of land that lies between the Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) barrier wall and Onondaga Lake including the mouth of Harbor Brook and areas of wetlands along the lake shoreline. The Outboard Area is part of the Wastebed B/Harbor Brook (WBB/HB) site, which is considered a subsite of the Onondaga Lake Superfund site.

This Engineering Evaluation /Cost Analysis presents the evaluation of alternatives for addressing contamination within the Outboard Area. The remediation of the Outboard Area would occur at or about the same time as the remediation of the adjacent Onondaga Lake area because of the similarities in the source and nature of contaminants and potential remedies, the connectivity between the Outboard Area and the adjacent lake sediments, and the critical relationship between the two areas under the Onondaga Lake Habitat Plan. Four response actions were independently evaluated for effectiveness, implementability, and cost. Then a comparative analysis of the response actions was presented to evaluate the relative performance of each alternative in relation to the criteria

Based on the engineering evaluation and cost analysis, Response Action 3 (Removal for Cap Placement, Hot Spot Excavation, and Habitat Restoration) was recommended to address contaminated material within the Outboard Area. This alternative includes the following components:

  • Removal of sediment and soil
  • Placement of an isolation cap
  • Habitat restoration
  • Implementation of institutional controls
  • Implementation of a long-term operation, maintenance, and a monitoring (OM&M) program.

The recommended action provides protection for human health and the environment and promotes the restoration of high-quality wetland and aquatic habitats. Compared to the other alternatives evaluated, the recommended action would also remove additional material from the Outboard Area with concentrations exceeding hot spot criteria with minimal increase in the duration and potential short-term impacts associated with construction activities such as vehicle emissions and truck traffic

Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Outboard Area Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis- September 2011

Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Outboard Area Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis - Part I (PDF) (64 pages, 4.6 mB)

Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Outboard Area Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis - Part II (PDF) (68 pages, 4.3 mB)

Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Outboard Area Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis - Part III (PDF) (7 pages, 4.1 mB)

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