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Onondaga Lake Phase VI 2010 Water Quality Monitoring for Construction Baseline October 2011

This data summary report describes water quality monitoring conducted during October and November 2010 in the littoral and profundal regions of Onondaga Lake as part of the Phase VI Pre-Design Investigation (PDI). Monitoring activities were conducted to obtain an initial understanding of baseline water quality conditions near proposed in-lake remediation areas prior to the start of dredging. This report describes the sample locations, data collection methods, analyses and testing performed, and includes a summary of results. The primary objective of this sampling program was to obtain an understanding of baseline chemical and optical (i.e., turbidity/water clarity) water quality levels near proposed dredging and capping remediation areas where water quality monitoring during construction activities may occur. The sampling program collected data over a range of natural forcing conditions that can affect various components of water quality, including tributary runoff, wind-driven waves, and typical lake currents to understand how these forcing conditions affect water quality within Onondaga Lake.

This Data Summary Report does not present an analysis of data collected as part of the 2010 field activities. An assessment of the data will be presented with the 2011 Water Quality Monitoring for Construction Baseline Work Plan, in the context of evaluating whether any modifications are warranted based on the results of the 2010 measurements. In addition, a Baseline Water Quality Data Report will be submitted after the 2011 field season which will also include data assessment.

Onondaga Lake PDI Phase VI Water Quality Monitoring for Construction Baseline Data Summary Report- October 2011

Water Quality Monitoring Report (PDF) (4.2 mB, 24 pages)

Water Quality Monitoring Report Appendices (PDF) (4.0 mB, 176 pages)

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