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Anderson Cleaners Site

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Fact Sheet - December 2011
Cleanup Activities Proposed for Anderson Cleaners Site
Public Comment Period Announced

Aerial view of the Anderson Cleaners site in Jamestown, Chautauqua County.The public is invited to comment on a proposed remedy being reviewed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) to address contamination related to the Anderson Cleaners site ("site") located at 5 Hunt Road in Jamestown, Chautauqua County. A release of a dry-cleaning substance previously used at the site has impacted the site's soil and groundwater with chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOCs).

A Proposed Decision Document and Draft Remedial Investigation - Remedial Alternatives Analysis Report related to the cleanup of this site are available at the locations identified below under the heading "Where to Find Information."

Draft Remedial Action Work Plan

The remedy proposed for the site will proceed in a staged approach with the most aggressive and immediate measures implemented first. The proposed measures will include:

  • Active removal of pockets of cVOC in the ground;
  • In-ground oxidation and treatment of dissolved cVOC in groundwater;
  • Containment of dissolved cVOC plume.

The proposed remedy was developed by the Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) applicant after performing a detailed investigation of the site under New York's BCP.Based on the findings of the investigation, NYSDEC, in consultation with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has determined that the cleanup activities proposed in the plan that is available for public comment will adequately address the environmental and health threats posed by contamination found at the site.

Next Steps

NYSDEC will consider public comments, revise the plan as necessary, and approve the proposed remedy. After approval, the proposed remedy becomes the selected remedy. The applicant may then design and perform the cleanup action to address the site contamination, with oversight by NYSDEC.

How to Comment

NYSDEC is accepting written comments about the draft investigation work plan for 45 days, from 12/9/2011 through 1/22/2012. Please submit comments to the project manager listed under Project Related Questions in the "Who to Contact" area below. The draft investigation work plan is available at the locations identified below under the heading "Where to Find More Information" or by clicking on the link "Proposed Decision Document and Draft Remedial Investigation Report."

Site Background

The Anderson Cleaners Site is an active dry-cleaning business located at 5 Hunt Road, Jamestown, near the intersection of Harding Avenue. The site is situated on the west side of the City of Jamestown, and straddles the Town of Ellicott municipal boundary line. The site is partially situated in both municipalities.

The commercially zoned site encompasses approximately 2.4 acres in area and contains a one story brick and concrete block commercial building covering approximately 11,400 square feet. Other site features include asphalt paved storefront parking along the front (north) section of the building that faces Hunt Road and a gravel covered parking along the east side of the current building.

Site History

The first record of development on the Site was a building constructed and used as a towel factory in the 1930s. By the mid-1940s, Anderson Cleaners occupied the Site and operated a dry-cleaning business. The building was expanded over the years. The south/central portion of the building was constructed in 1947 and is currently occupied by the laundry and dry-cleaning area, and a portion of the office area. In 1985, a fire destroyed the northern and eastern portions (approximately 8,000 square feet) of the building. Following the fire, reconstruction/remodeling operations were undertaken and the structure was expanded to its current footprint.

Stoddard Solvent was reportedly used for dry cleaning operations from approximately 1947 to 1978. This material was stored in two underground storage tanks (USTs), each with a capacity of approximately 1,100 gallons. These USTs were located in the area that is now underneath a portion of the building used for cold storage. These USTs were reportedly removed some time before the re-construction of the building in 1985. Available information indicates that the tanks were installed at the time the south-central portion of the building was constructed (1947). The use of Stoddard Solvent was discontinued in about 1978 when tetrachloroethene (also known as perchloroethene or PCE) was first used as the primary dry-cleaning agent. In 2002, new dry-cleaning equipment that used a hydrocarbon-based solvent, DF 2000, was installed and all use of PCE was discontinued.

A Phase 2 investigation performed in 2003 revealed elevated levels of PCE in soil and groundwater. The owner subsequently entered the Brownfield Cleanup Program and began a Site Investigation (SI) in 2005.

OPERABLE UNITS: For cleanup purposes, the site was divided into three operable units. An operable unit represents a portion of a remedial program for a site that for technical or administrative reasons can be addressed separately to investigate, eliminate or mitigate a release, threat of release or exposure pathway resulting from the site contamination.

  • Operable unit 1 (OU1) is the on-site source area. In 2005, an Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) was also implemented to remove shallow soil contaminated by PCE.
  • OU2 consists of the groundwater. The detailed SI confirmed that groundwater at the site is contaminated and requires remediation.
  • OU3 consists of the soil vapor. The SI documented on-site soil vapor contamination.

Where to Find Information

Project documents, including the report currently available for public comment, are available at the following locations to help the public stay informed. Electronic versions of project documents are available under "Important Links" in the right column of this page.

Prendergast Library
509 Cherry Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
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Sat - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
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(Please call (716) 851-7220 to schedule an appointment.)

Who to Contact

Comments and questions are always welcome and should be directed as follows:

Site-Related Project Questions
Eugene Melnyk, P.E.
Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation
270 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14203-2915

Site-Related Health Questions
Mr. Mathew Forcucci
New York State Department of Health
584 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 847-4501