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Consent Order, Long-Term Control Plans, and Green Infrastructure

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is required under a 2005 Order on Consent to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) from its sewer system to improve the water quality of its surrounding waters, such as Flushing Bay, Jamaica Bay, and tributaries to the East River, Long Island Sound, and Outer Harbor.

Under the 2005 Consent Order, the DEP has completed Waterbody/Watershed Facility Plans, which are the initial phase of CSO planning, and are required to construct various grey infrastructure projects, and develop Long-Term Control Plans.

In 2011, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and DEP identified numerous modifications to the CSO Consent Order, including integration of green infrastructure and substitution of more cost-effective grey infrastructure, and agreed to fixed dates for submittal of the Long-Term Control Plans.

The background and technical basis for these modifications is described in the white paper available on-line in the right column under "Important Links".

2012 CSO Order Modification

The modification to the CSO Consent Order, was executed by DEC on March 8, 2012, and is available on-line in the right column under "Important Links". A Responsiveness Summary is also available on-line in the right column under "Important Links".

2014 CSO BMP Order

On May 8, 2014, the NYSDEC and NYCDEP entered into an agreement for the monitoring of combined sewer overflow compliance, reporting requirements for bypasses and notification

of equipment out of service at the WWTP during rain events. The 2014 CSO BMP Order incorporates, expands, and supersedes the 2010 CSO BMP Order by requiring NYCDEP to install new monitoring equipment at identified key regulators and outfalls and to assess compliance with requirements to "Maximize Flow to the WWTP". The executed 2014 CSO BMP Order, and a NYCDEP map identifying the WWTP interceptors and key regulator locations are available as a pdf in the right column under "Important Links".

2014 CSO Order Modification, Appendix A Milestone Dates

On April 11, 2014, NYSDEC agreed to modify two milestone dates based on additional information provided by NYCDEP. The table below reflects the date changes agreed upon by both parties:

Consent Order, Appendix A Milestone Date Modifications
Consent Order, Appendix A Current Milestone Date New Milestone Date
VII.E. Submit Approvable Drainage Basin
Specific LTCP for Coney Island Creek
June 2014 June 2016
IX.G. Submit Approvable Drainage Basin
Specific LTCP for Westchester Creek
June 2016 June 2014

2015 CSO Consent Order Modification

The executed, March 26, 2015, Modification to the NYC CSO Consent Order (PDF, 480 KB).

2018 CSO Consent Order Revised Appendix A

2018 Revised Appendix A ( PDF, 109 KB)

NYC Waterbody/Watershed Facility Plans (WWFP)

The four New York City WWFPs can be found in the right column "Links Leaving DEC's Website" section of this page.

NYC Long-Term Control Plans (LTCPs)

The NYC submitted LTCPs and relevant correspondence can be found below:

NYC Approved Long-Term Control Plans (LTCPs)

The NYC approved LTCPs and relevant documentation can be found below:

LTCP Supplemental July, 2018, Revised October 10, 2018 (PDF, 14.5 MB)

NYC Approved Long-Term Control Plans (LTCPs)