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Approved Alternative Solvents for Dry Cleaning

After September 6th of 2018, only the following NYSDEC (Department) approved alternative solvents may be used in alternative solvent dry cleaning equipment. These solvents were formulated as a desirable replacement for perchloroethylene (perc). Perc solvent may presently be used in dry cleaning equipment at all permitted facility locations but its future use at co-located residential facilities is prohibited after December 21, 2020. Water-based cleaning machines (a.k.a., "wet cleaning") and dry cleaning machines that use only liquid carbon dioxide are exempt from air permitting requirements.

Approved alternative solvents have a flash point about 140° F, meet the criteria for a low or moderate toxicity air contaminant and have an acceptable batch-to-batch consistency as demonstrated in the laboratory analyses of five independent batch samples. Detailed information about an approved alternative solvent may be obtained by clicking the link below to view the solvent's Safety Data Sheet.

Manufacturers requesting approval of an alternative solvent must submit to the Department the information specified in Part 232-3.8(c) of the Dry Cleaning Facilities regulation. Proposed determinations of approval will then be issued within 90 days of receipt of a complete submission. Solvents proposed for approval will be noticed in the Environmental Notice Bulletin (ENB) on the Department's website. If no significant comments are received after the required thirty (30) day comment period, approval will be granted after posting on this webpage. Should the chemical formulation of a solvent be modified after approval, the re-formulated alternative solvent must be resubmitted and reapproved by the Department prior to use in New York State.

The Department published a list of all alternative solvents proposed for approval in the Environmental Notice Bulletin on June 27, 2018. Since the Department received no comments by July 27, 2018, all alternative solvents listed below are now "officially" approved for use in dry cleaning equipment in New York State.

NOTE: None of the above approved alternative solvents is a drop-in replacement for perc. Contact the solvent manufacturer for the required dry cleaning machine specifications for the approved alternative solvent under consideration.

1 The Solvair™ dry-cleaning system uses both DPGnBE and carbon dioxide (an exempt solvent) as dry cleaning solvents.

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