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CBS Registration Renewal Checklist

For items marked with *, refer to Instructions for CBS Renewal.

Section A (Facility, Owner and Correspondence Information)

  1. Review pre-printed information, and fill in and correct as needed (except for signature block -to be completed under step C3 below).*
  2. Verify Federal tax ID is filled in and correct.
  3. Attach a copy of the following pages from the current (annual updates required) spill prevention report (SPR): cover page, table of contents and signature page. Check "yes" on lower left hand portion of Section A under SPR*

Section B (Tank information)

  1. Review Columns 1-6 (action, tank number, tank location, status, install/close dates, capacity) and 8 (tank type) to make sure they are filled in and accurate*
  2. Review Column 11 (secondary containment) to make sure it is filled in for aboveground tanks.
  3. Review and correct (if needed) hazardous substance name, chemical abstract service number (CAS number) and percent hazardous substance columns. Make sure all Part 597 substances stored in the tank(s) are accurate and complete.
  4. For tanks that have been closed or converted to non-regulated use, update status and date of closure/conversion (columns 4 and 5)*.
  5. Add regulated tanks not currently listed (e.g., newly installed or existing tanks converted to regulated use).

Section C - Final Steps

  1. Calculate registration fee
    • less than or equal to 550 gallons: $50/tank
    • 551-1100 gallons: $100/tank
    • greater than 1100 gallons: $125/tank
  2. Make out check or money order payable to NYS Department of Environmental Conservation or NYSDEC
  3. Sign and Date the Application*.
  4. Mail completed application, renewal fee, and SPR pages to the Department at the address preprinted on top of Section A before the expiration date (pre-printed on top of Section B). Keep a copy for your records.
  5. Upon satisfactory review of the package and receipt of the correct fee, the Department will issue a new two-year registration certificate. It will be mailed to the person and address indicated in the Correspondence section of the application form. Upon receipt, it must be displayed conspicuously either at the tank, at the entrance to the site or at the main office at the site where the tanks are located, per Section 596.2(g) of the CBS regulations.

Instructions for CBS Renewal (March 2011)

A1) Cross out any incorrect information and type or neatly print the correct information above it. Do not use "white out". Fill in any missing information, including email address, as Department may send correspondence electronically in the future. Change of Ownership: If you no longer own the facility, provide the current owner's name and address if known and return renewal package to the Department (address is pre-printed on top of Section A). If you are the new owner, indicate transaction type 2, provide a copy of the deed, noting when you took title, and update owner and correspondence information.

A2) Federal Tax ID is required by the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.

A3) For more information regarding Spill Prevention Reports (SPRs), Refer to DER-26 How to prepare a SPR for a Chemical Bulk Storage Facility (PDF) (124KB)

B1) Please note that while the Department is not returning the application for other missing tank information at this time, it reserves the right to do so in the future. Erroneous tank information may result in violations for any tanks and pipes not upgraded to meet Part 599 requirements regardless of installation date, and/or other possible compliance or enforcement actions.

B4) For tanks closed or converted to non-regulated use, cross out the pre-printed information for status and installation date and neatly type or write in the updated status and closure/conversion date above it. No renewal fee is required for any tank that has been permanently closed or converted to non-regulated use before the registration expiration date (pre-printed on top of Section B). Refer to Section 598.10 of the CBS regulations for technical requirements regarding closure and change-in service.

C1) If a site has more than 250 regulated tanks, refer to 6NYCRR Section 596.4(a) for the appropriate fee schedule. The fee for all storage tanks at a single contiguous site shall not exceed $50,000.

C3) If you are the owner or duly authorized representative, sign and date the application. If you are not the owner, vice president, authorized representative, etc., it is very important that this person be made aware of this correspondence from the Department and signs the renewal application. Per Section 596.2b(2) of the CBS regulations, an application submitted by a corporation must be signed by a principal executive officer of at least the level of vice-president, or a duly authorized representative. An application submitted by a partnership or a sole proprietorship must be signed by a general manager or the proprietor. An application submitted by a municipal, state or other public facility must be signed by a principal officer, ranking elected official or other duly authorized employee.

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