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CBS Registration Renewal Cover Letter

For Chemical Storage Tank Owners with Expiring Registrations

The two year registration for your Chemical Bulk Storage (CBS) tank(s) expires soon. The expiration date is printed on the top right hand corner of the enclosed application. The enclosed CBS renewal package includes the following documents:

  1. CBS renewal application form with portions of Section A and B pre-printed;
  2. CBS Renewal Application Checklist and Instructions for CBS Renewal

Please review, revise (if necessary), and complete the CBS renewal application form. Current (annual update required) Spill Prevention Report (SPR): cover page, table of contents and signature page must be included with your renewal. Refer to the CBS Renewal Application Checklist to prevent your application from being returned per the Application Review Policy for PBS and CBS Registration Applications (DER-12).

Please note that 6 NYCRR Section 596.5(d) of the CBS Regulations prohibits delivery of product to unregistered storage tanks. To avoid delivery problems, please submit completed renewal package to the Department for processing as soon as possible before the expiration date to allow time for processing or other issues, for example, if it is determined incomplete and must be returned for re-submittal. Please return the completed and signed form, SPR pages, and applicable fee to the Department at the address pre-printed on top of Section A. Upon satisfactory review of the renewal package and receipt of correct fee, the Department will issue a new two-year registration certificate, which needs to be posted conspicuously, per section 596.2(g) of the CBS regulations.

The CBS regulations contain various requirements for operating and upgrading storage facilities. These regulations, the CBS application form and instructions, guidance documents, publications, articles, phone numbers and frequently asked questions are available on the page titled Chemical and Petroleum Storage. If you have any questions after visiting the web page, please call the Registration and Permits Section at (518) 402-9543.