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LSWMP Outline and Checklist Appendices

Appendix A - Public comment summary

A.1 In the draft LSWMP document, list the steps, including estimated target dates for public input such as
A.1.1 posting the draft LSWMP on the internet;
A.1.2 other methods of disseminating the draft LSWMP, such as public libraries, government offices, county, city or town clerks, etc.;
A.1.3 public meeting dates; and
A.1.4 time period for public comments. DEC recommends at least 45 days beyond the initial release of the LSWMP, AND at least 15 days beyond the public meeting date.

A.2 An accounting, to the maximum extent practicable, for the comments and views expressed by concerned governmental, environmental, commercial, and industrial interests, the public, and neighboring jurisdictions. The accounting of public comments will be needed for approval of the final LSWMP.

TIP: Use your website to further publicize the LSWMP and solicit public comments

TIP: DEC recommends that the Local Planning Unit conduct the public comment period after receipt of the "Approvable Letter" from DEC. This sequence serves to avoid the potential for needing two public comment periods, once for the Draft and once for the Final LSWMP, if significant changes are made after DEC review. Insert a placeholder page in the Draft LSWMP for this Appendix.

Appendix B - State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR)

If no new facilities are planned,

  1. Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is not needed.
  2. Planning Unit should issue a Negative Declaration in accordance with 6 NYCRR 617.

If a new facility is planned, SEQR procedures must be followed for the facility, and the LSWMP can be integrated with the EIS. Start scoping with DEC as soon as possible. Include a copy of SEQR documents in this Appendix.

State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) Forms

Appendix C - Other information

Add more appendices with relevant background, maps, data, public education materials and so on, if relevant to the LSWMP.

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