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Chapter 11 - Administrative and Financial Structures

11.1 Administrative Structure
Write a narrative that identifies the administrative structure responsible for implementing EACH element of the integrated system and operating the various portions of the integrated system, such as
11.1.1 facilities;
11.1.2 educational program;
11.1.3 collection;
11.1.4 licensing;
11.1.5 planning and reporting;
11.1.6 and other aspects.

11.2 Organizational chart of the administrative structure

11.3 Cost analysis
11.3.1 What are the costs of the solid waste system, as applicable, including capital; investments; insurance; operation and maintenance; administration; financing; export, transport and tipping fees; and other costs.
11.3.2 Describe the financing mechanisms that will meet the anticipated costs.

11.4 Neighboring Jurisdiction Impacts
11.4.1 List who the neighboring Planning Units are.
11.4.2 Describe measures used to secure participation of neighboring jurisdictions.
11.4.3 Describe any limitations which the plan's implementation would impose on the neighboring jurisdictions' SWM programs.
11.4.4 Describe the effects of including the jurisdiction in the plan, including additional viable alternatives

TIP: Plan should include results of phone or mail contacts with the neighboring jurisdictions.

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