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Chapters 9 and 10 (if necessary)

Chapter 9 - Interim SWM Measures (if necessary)

Identify the measures to manage each of the various types of solid waste to be treated, stored,or disposed of within the Local Planning Unit, until the integrated system is completely implemented.

Tip: DEC anticipates that very few Local Planning Units need to do this in their second generation LSWMPs. Please contact DEC if you are unsure.

If this section is necessary, use this form:
9.1 Identify the measures to manage each of the following:
9.1.1 Residential MSW
9.1.2.Commercial, industrial and institutional MSW
9.1.3 Recyclables from any sector
9.1.4 Compostables from any sector
9.1.5 Construction & Demolition Debris
9.1.6 Biosolids
9.1.7.Special wastes, including electronics, HHW, and universal wastes
9.2 Interim Storage facilities for each material.
9.3 Interim Destination facilities for materials to be handled
9.4 Schedule for implementation of the Interim measures.

Chapter 10 - Export Certification (if necessary)

If Waste Export out of the Local Planning Unit is a selected solid waste management strategy, then include this section in the LSWMP.

10.1 Certification of disposal capacity from destination facilities

If exportation is proposed to occur for fewer than five years, the Local Planning Unit must certify capacity for disposal or treatment for that entire time period.

- OR -

If exportation is planned for five or more years, the Local Planning Unit must certify a minimum five years of capacity for disposal or treatment

TIP: "Certification" means letters from waste destination facilities, plus copies of permits from out-of-State destinations.

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