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Chapter 8 - Laws and Regulations

Chapter 8 - Laws and Regulations

8.1 Identify local laws, rules, regulations, or ordinances which could cause constraints to the selected solid waste and recyclables recovery program

8.2 Develop a schedule and description of local laws or ordinances that must be adopted to:
8.2.1 Facilitate the implementation of the selected solid waste and recyclables recovery program,
8.2.2 Comply with General Municipal Law section 120-aa
8.2.3 Develop and enhance economic markets for recyclables recovered within the service area, such as procurement laws or building codes.

8.3 Analyze the potential for new laws in the local solid waste management program:
8.3.1 Flow control
8.3.2 Hauler licensing or districting
8.3.3 Incentive based pricing (PAYT)
8.3.4 Other applicable potential and actual local laws

TIP: Be sure to include any law or regulatory changes in the Implementation Schedule as well.

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