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Tecumseh Business Park

Site Numbers C915197, C915218, C915198, C915199, C915199G, C915199H and C915205

Tecumseh, Inc. is the owner of a large, approximately 1,100-acre property located south of Buffalo, New York, west of Route 5, in the City of Lackawanna and the Town of Hamburg. The property once was home to the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Lackawanna Works, and was formerly used for the production of steel, coke and related products.

Steel production on the property was discontinued in 1983 and the coke ovens ceased activity in 2000. Portions of the property were impacted by contaminants associated with steel and coke production.

Tecumseh signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Erie County and the City of Lackawanna to promote and implement redevelopment of the former BSC property following cleanup. A portion of the Redevelopment Master Plan incorporates a Business Park area along NYS Route 5.

In 2006 and 2007, a portion of the Tecumseh property now known as Steel Winds was remediated and developed for a clean energy project. The Steel Winds site is a narrow, approximately 30 acre portion on the western edge of the Tecumseh property. BQ Energy and UPC Wind constructed an eight turbine wind farm that produces an estimated 20 mega watts of clean electric power.

In order to facilitate cleanup and redevelopment, the property has been divided into separate sites. The links to the right provide project-specific information for each Tecumseh cleanup site and for projects that span multiple areas of the property.