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Collection Planning Checklist

Helpful Hints for Event Sponsors

Form a collection team

You may find it helpful to organize a collection team of community figures, local officials, municipal and/or county representatives, pharmacy representatives, the sponsor, and law enforcement.

Pick a suitable event location

Consider the room availability, building, parking area, and universal accessibility
Assess prep work such as cleaning, clearing out, rearranging tables and chairs from another location

Complete all required forms

  • Form A - Pharmaceutical Collection Plan - dates/locations/times
  • Form B - Pharmaceutical Collection Security Plan and Law Enforcement Official Notification
  • Form C - NYSDEC Disposal Variance request for Municipal Waste Combustion Facility, if required
  • Form D - Household Pharmaceutical Chain of Custody
  • Form E - Household Pharmaceutical Collection Event Report

Coordinate with Municipal Waste Combustion Facility

The date and approximate arrival time must be confirmed with the destruction facility for the witnessed burn.
Prior to the event, provide directions to facility, where to go upon arrival, and the name of the person to meet. Directions and/or a map to the facility will be printed for the law enforcement official. Arrangements for billing will be made, and any necessary contracts executed.

Publicize your event

Identify newspapers, radio stations, local TV news; update community, county/municipal web pages;
Prepare announcements; flyers for local pharmacies, grocery stores, senior citizen centers, etc.

Gather supplies

Cardboard boxes lined with plastic bags/fiber drums or 5 gallon buckets with lids, e.g., large kitty litter containers
Tape, Labels and Scissors - (Packing tape or labels to seal and identify each container, use labeling convention such as UNC-1 (uncontrolled substances) and CON-1(controlled substances).
Indelible markers to number and sign containers. Use indelible markers or "sharpies" if people want to cross names/personal information off prescription labels. Also bring pens and clipboards.

Get the building and room ready

Identify point person at the facility
Determine the procedures to reserve the room, keys, and phone resources in the building.
Plan for who will move tables and chairs"Enter" and "Exit" signs and directional signs encourage orderly flow from entrance to exit.
Table and chair arrangement for the law enforcement official (visible to participants and have a good view event)
You may want to consider a drive in - drive out event, where participants simply drop their pharmaceuticals into a box while remaining in their vehicle.

Get the parking area ready

Parking cones to reserve parking near the building/door/loading dock for the law enforcement officer.

Make a plan for moving the collected pharmaceutical waste

Get a hand cart or lab cart for transporting the boxed drugs to the law enforcement officer's vehicle.
Vehicle must be large enough to transport collected pharmaceuticals to the municipal waste combustion facility.

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