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"Don't Flush" Posting Requirements for Pharmacies, Veterinarians, and Retailers

New York State pharmacies can now apply to participate in a Pilot Pharmaceutical Take-Back Program to collect unwanted controlled and non-controlled medications from household consumers. Applications are due by May 1, 2017.

Every pharmacy registered pursuant to NYS Education Law section 6808(2), and other retailers that sell drugs (over-the-counter, prescription medications, vitamins and supplements), including veterinary offices, must conspicuously display DEC's "Proper Disposal of Pharmaceuticals" notice as required under New York's Drug Management and Disposal Act of 2008.

Don't flush unwanted household medications poster

Poster (PDF, 1 MB) for display at pharmacies (Versiòn en español PDF, 51 KB)
Guidance (PDF, 17 KB) for proper display of poster

Guidance on Posting the Notice

How should it be displayed?

The notice should be printed in color, be no smaller than 8.5" x 11" and be clearly displayed. Stores are encouraged to frame, laminate or otherwise ensure that the notice is durable. In addition to the required posting, the notice can be reproduced in black and white and/or in a smaller size for hand out to consumers. The notice can also be reproduced in a smaller size for shelf displays or on shopping bags or medicine bags.

Where should it be posted?

In a pharmacy setting, the notice should be readable to a consumer at the pick-up counter. Options include posting on a wall visible from the counter, or on the counter itself. If a pharmacy is within a store, but the pharmacy closes for some portion of the store hours, the notice should be visible in the pharmacy department during hours when the pharmacy is closed.

In other retail settings, the notice should be posted at one of the following locations:

  • At the checkout counter
  • On/above/visible from aisles where drugs are displayed
  • As a shelf-label or other in-aisle placement with the display of drugs

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