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GM Components Holdings Brownfield Cleanup Program Site

Site Numbers C932138, C932139 and C932140

Fact Sheet - March 2012
Remedial Investigation Completed for GMCH Buildings 7, 8 & 10; DEC Approves Reports Recommending Site Cleanup


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has approved reports that recommend environmental cleanup activities for the GM Components Holdings LLC (GMCH) Building 7, Building 8 and Building 10 located at 200 Upper Mountain Road in Lockport, Niagara County. The report, called a "Remedial Investigation Report," was submitted to DEC by GM Components Holdings, LLC ("applicant" or "GMCH"). The report describes the results of the site investigation. The site investigation was undertaken because of the site's industrial history that resulted in contamination of on-site soil, groundwater, and soil vapor.

Based on the findings of the investigation, DEC, in consultation with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), has determined that the site poses a significant threat due to the potential for soil vapor intrusion and infiltration of contaminated groundwater into the storm sewer system. The activities in the report have been designed to address the identified contamination and the threat posed.

Highlights of the Remedial Investigation Reports
The investigation reports have several goals:
1) describe the investigation activities completed;
2) describe the nature and extent of contamination at the site;
3) provide information about off-site contamination issues; and
4) recommend whether cleanup of contamination is required.

Next Steps

NYSDEC is currently reviewing the draft "Remedial Work Plan" ("RWP") that describes how the contamination will be addressed. This plan will be released for public comment prior to NYSDEC approval. The NYDOH must concur in the approval process. NYSDEC will keep the public informed when the Draft RWP is available for comment through a fact sheet similar to this one.

Site Background

GMCH owns and operates an automotive component manufacturing complex located at 200 Upper Mountain Road in both the City and Town of Lockport, which is located in Niagara County, New York. GMCH is approximately 342 acres and located in an area of mixed residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial settings along Upper Mountain Road.

Building 7 constitutes approximately 31 of the 342 acres of the GMCH facility. It is located in the southern central portion of the complex and has been used for manufacturing since 1937. During the next few years, GMCH plans to reconfigure the Lockport Complex and consolidate most of the manufacturing operations into Building 7. Previous investigations identified elevated levels of chlorinated solvent in soils beneath several former degreaser areas within the building, as well as chlorinated solvents and semi-volatile organic compounds in groundwater immediately upgradient (west) of the building.

Building 8 constitutes approximately 13 of the 342 acres of the GMCH facility. It is located in the northern central portion of the complex and has been used for manufacturing since 1960. Previous investigations identified three areas of interest within the footprint of the building and included a former chromium sump area, former degreasing locations, and historic press operations area. Trichloroethene (TCE), a volatile organic compound, was detected in soil samples above NYSDEC standards for industrial properties. Chlorinated solvents were also detected in the groundwater just south of Building 8 at concentrations above their respective NYSDEC groundwater standards.

Building 10 constitutes approximately 11 of the 342 acres of the GMCH facility. Building 10 was constructed in two sections, the north end in 1960 and the south end in 1969. It was used for warehousing until 1989, when manufacturing equipment installation began in the north end. From 1990 to 2002, the north end of the building was used for manufacturing. Previous investigations identified chlorinated solvent contamination in the soil and groundwater beneath the building. In March 2009, soil vapor extraction and sub-slab depressurization systems (SSDS) were installed and put into operation in the northern portion of this building. A SSDS prevents gases in the soil from entering the home. A low amount of suction is applied below the foundation and the vapors are vented to the outside through a pipe.

Previous industrial activities at the site have resulted in contaminated soil, groundwater, and soil vapor. A Remedial Investigation previously conducted at the site helped to determine the nature and extent of site contamination, as well as identification of options for cleaning it up. The investigation work was performed under New York State's Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP). The BCP provides existing or potential property owners financial incentives to clean up and redevelop brownfield sites. Brownfields typically are former industrial properties where the real or perceived presence of contamination impedes reuse of the site.

Who Should I Call If I Have Questions About the Site?

Site-Related Environmental Questions

Mr. Glenn May, Project Manager
270 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 851-7220

Site-Related Health Questions

Mr. Matthew J. Forcucci, Public Health Specialist III
584 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 847-4501

Locations to View Project Documents

To keep you informed, NYSDEC has set up two locations at which you may view project documents. These locations include:

Lockport Public Library
23 East Avenue
Lockport, New York
Phone: (716) 433-5935

NYSDEC Region 9 Office
270 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14203
Phone: (716) 851-7220 (Please call for appointment)

You may also view electronic versions of project documents by clicking the links in the right column.