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Pollutant Minimization Program Guidance

SPDES permits may require that a permittee develop and conduct a Pollutant Minimization Program (PMP) for reducing mercury and other pollutants in wastewater and stormwater discharges for each pollutant with a Water Quality Based Effluent Limit (WQBEL) below the analytical quantification level (e.g., PCBs). A PMP may also be required for pollutants for which treatment technology cannot achieve a WQBEL (e.g., mercury).

Guidance to assist permittees in complying with PMP requirements can be found in "Pollutant Minimization Program (PMP) Plans Guidance Manual for Wastewater Treatment Facilities in New York State, September 2004" which is listed below in four parts:

Additional Guidance may be found in DOW Policy 1.3.10 Mercury - SPDES Permitting, Multiple Discharge Variance, and Water Quality Monitoring (PDF, 927 KB), October 2015 Edition